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EP 079: Mompreneur Monday with Whippy Cake

EP 079: Mompreneur Monday with Whippy Cake


kate-dress-3You guys, this might be my favorite episode…because Whippy Cake summed up EVERY good thing…I mean ALL THE GOOD THINGS I have been sharing and felt so passionate about for the past 6 months.  She’s amazing, and it is with great honor I share her episode with you today! She’s the ultimate mompreneur, as the mother of four she also runs her business from home, sharing goodness with the world one video, blog post, Periscope and Instagram post at a time.  She’s the real deal, someone I want to model my own life as a mompreneur after.  Listen to our whole chat, it’s a good one!P1190927c

Whip is, as she calls herself, a “Multipassioniate Infopreneur” which could be why I love her so much.  She loves soaking in good information and doesn’t limit herself to one particular venture or goal. Starting out as an avid crafter, at the behest of her husband she turned her crafting addiction into a thriving online business.  Her entrepreneur journey has shifted and changed a lot over the years but you can still find her “whippin” up lots of great things from beauty tips to decorating and style advice and SO much more.

My favorite analogy of all time will forever be the one she shared about shopping carts and passions.  You just have to listen to it to fully enjoy it. And there are so many amazing pieces of inspiration and GOOD STUFF you just really need to stop now and listen. Give it your complete attention. 🙂

Thank you Whippy for being AMAZING! You guys can keep up with her in cyberspace with all the links down below. I highly recommend subscribing to her emails, she is constantly sending out SO many amazing tips and inspiration!





From Whip’s bookshelf:

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