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EP 080: Energy Healing With Tara Williams

EP 080: Energy Healing With Tara Williams

Today is very unique, I don’t ever put video up with my episodes but I felt that for my listeners to get the full effects of this episode I wanted to show everything that happened. You can see the full video HERE ON YOUTUBE. Tara was one of my very first guests on the podcast and now I’m excited to have her again because she just launched her very own podcast called The Energy Healing Podcast where she explains the whole process behind what we did for my energy healing session! Come listen in! And be prepared- I cried a lot.

It was such an amazing experience for me and I feel like so many words came into my mind than were ever even spoken out loud by Tara. The energy in the room that day was indescribable and I recommend learning more about energy and energy healing.  And I suggest you head over to Tara’s podcast to learn, she’s amazing, talented and was so in tune with how I was feeling and what I needed to work through. Even re-watching it caused more “stuff” to come to the surface and I let go of a lot.  It was a moving experience and one I hope you enjoy.  Check out Tara on HER WEBSITE to book a session or to learn more! Also on iTunes at The Energy Healing Podcast with Tara Williams! To find even more interviews from the podcast head to

Thank you Tara for sharing your amazing gift with me! You’re amazing!

Here’s the book Tara recommended:



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