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EP 081: A Celebration of Motherhood with Amy Ellsworth

EP 081: A Celebration of Motherhood with Amy Ellsworth


amy3 Amy was such a breath of fresh air and such a marvelous mom, I had to air her episode before Mother’s Day because she really epitomizes the word mother. After being told her odds were less than 1 in a million for getting pregnant she mourned the loss of the children she would never have- but immediately started the process of adoption.  Fast forward a little over a decade later and she is now the mother of 7 amazing kids.  You need to listen to the whole episode to hear how it all came to be, it is really a beautiful sequence of events! image2-4

Amy was recently crowned Mother of the Year for the state of Nevada through a wonderful organization called American Mothers.  You can check them out HERE. Amy let me know it’s an organization worth learning about and she was able to meet many other mothers who are as marvelous as she, making a positive influence in the world! After speaking with her I know without a doubt she deserved her title and I was reminded of my divine role as a mother and how important it is to cherish this title. I felt her story and her beautiful soul was a perfect fit for today’s episode and I know you will too!

Thanks for listening Marvelous Moms! Stay tuned for a possible bonus episode on Mother’s Day! You are all amazing, marvelous and inspire me every day to keep becoming the dream version of myself. Have a great weekend!

From Amy’s bookshelf:

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