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EP 085: Mompreneur Monday with Summer Alvarez

EP 085: Mompreneur Monday with Summer Alvarez


summerwithkidsI had so much fun chatting with Summer for this episode of the podcast, she’s one of the most genuine and sweet moms I know with a tender heart and big dreams!  One of the coolest things about her is that she is a former NFL and NBA cheerleader!  That enthusiasm has carried over into her life as a mom and she is now cheering a new set of people on, her adorable kids.  Summer shares her mompreneur life as well as insight into some of her mom struggles and some moments that can paralyze you as a parent. She is a strong advocate for her children and her courage is insanely inspiring! Come listen in to her story and I promise you’ll love her as much as I do! Thanks Summer- you’re amazing!

Keep up with Summer in all her online places:

Elevate Everyday where she co-blogs with her friend Jen

Instagram, Periscope/Twitter, Pinterest

And check out her E-BOOK HERE for a complete guide to starting a blog in 30 days!]


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