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EP 087: Adoption, Down Syndrome and All Things Awesome with Heather Avis

EP 087: Adoption, Down Syndrome and All Things Awesome with Heather Avis


fall2015-15Heather is absolutely amazing and the thing I love most about her is her modesty about how wonderful she is. While I look at her in awe at what she accomplishes every day as a mother of three adopted children, two with Down Syndrome; she looks at her life and thinks- it’s no big deal. This is my motherhood journey! And I think we can all say that, we can all be grateful for our unique situation, for the way we are growing our families, for our individual struggles. It’s not glamorous, it’s not more important than anyone else’s, it’s just OUR journey. I think that’s the whole point of Marvelous Moms Club, to see these amazing women and realize they are just like us. They are battling the same demons, they are working their butts off to have happy and thriving homes. And while it looks so BIG at times to see others life stories, it’s really just a testament to how incredible this life experience is and how blessed we are to have a unique story of our own that we are creating every day!

Heather and her husband share their joy of having these three beautiful adopted kids on Instagram over at Macy Makes My Day which started when her first daughter Macyn was brought into their family. A friend encouraged her to start sharing their lives on Instagram and it has grown to be such an influential and inspiring feed, one that everyone needs to follow!O70A9719

Heather is pursuing her passion for writing and has a book that will be released next March, so keep up with her and follow her story as it continues to unfold!

You can keep up with her on her WEBSITE, INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER!

And from Heather’s Bookshelf:



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