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EP 089: Simply Organized with Sarah Chezum

EP 089: Simply Organized with Sarah Chezum


IMG_20160324_085830Sarah was SO fun to chat with, and my absolute FAVORITE part of our talk together was when she told the story of loving the book everyone is talking about- The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and what her husband said that made her sad the book didn’t really apply to her! You need to listen to hear it, it left me in tears laughing! As a fellow mompreneur in the making she is learning the life/work balance and putting her creative passion into her blog where she gives organization strategies to others to help them tidy up their lives! She is the mother of two and I was SO impressed by how much content she has already put into her blog, – Home Simply Organized, she’s a hard worker and I see her doing some pretty amazing things! Listen in to our fun conversation and be inspired to get a little more organized! It’s simple! 🙂

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