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EP 090: Steppin’ Up with Brittany Fay

EP 090: Steppin’ Up with Brittany Fay


Brittany shared SO many amazing things about herself from her plunge into motherhood as a stepmother to her two oldest sons, and then her wild ride becoming a mom to two more children of her own creation.  I loved her story about how her stepsons accepted her so unconditionally.  She shared a sweet story she told from the first days of her dating her husband- the heartwarming words of her stepson made me get chills. You just need to hear it from her.  She overcame the fear that accompanied marrying into a family unit and in my eyes has always been so brave and “cool”! Any kid would be lucky to have her as a mom, and I think she is an awesome example of being a stepmom as well.


Brittany also shared her experiences with postpartum anxiety which is so fitting since we’ve been chatting about mental health awareness this month.  I know those things are never comfortable to share but she opened up so freely and expressed what the experience was like for her! I think she’s a rockstar, and you will too!

Listen in for all the good stuff- and why Brittany compared me to Kimmy from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. 🙂

Have a great day mommies!

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  • Love that Brittany!!! One of my dearest friends of all time! She has always been great with kids. She was one of my kids first and favorite babysitters. I was privledged enough to develop a great friendship through that. And can she be any more stunning!!!


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