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EP 091: Mompreneur Monday with Crystal Escobar of Wannabe Balanced Mom

EP 091: Mompreneur Monday with Crystal Escobar of Wannabe Balanced Mom

Crystal is not only an amazing mompreneur who I am honored to have had her on the podcast, but a new friend who I absolutely adore!  We had a chance to hang out in California when we drove together to a blogger conference and I am looking forward to living in Southern Utah so I can see her more often and soak in all her greatness! By the way- we’re moving! More about that soon!


Back to my lovely friend Crystal. She and her husband became millionaires by age 27 and then have gone on to make even more millions leading them to early retirement of sorts, which has freed up a lot of time for her to pursue her other interest and spend endless time with her family!  She blogs as Wannabe Balanced Mom and shares her healthy eating tips, has published a meal plan book and still keeps up with the network marketing business she and her husband run together! I told her during our call that her life has me like #goals and it is totally true. I can’t wait to get to a point where I can outsource every day things to allow me to have even more fun with my kids- because at the end of the day that’s what its all about!

Listen in to hear about her natural births, her mompreneur adventures and her healthy lifestyle which includes DIY kombucha! Thanks Crystal for sharing all kinds of greatness with us! Check our her books on Amazon here:

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00:02 S?: Welcome to the Marvelous Moms Club Podcast. Discover yourself, break out of mediocrity, and become the mom you’ve always aspired to be. Here’s your host, Kirsten Tyrrel.

00:17 Kirsten Tyrrel: Have you guys ever had a person you’re talking to, and you just don’t ever want it to end, you don’t want the conversation to be over, you have so much in common, you just click and everything just… This is how my conversation was with Jalynn, and I’m really excited for you to hear it. I’m really sorry that it’s taken so long to get it up there, because it’s really good and I love the perspective, I love when you can find women who get you and who are like, “Yeah, me too.” There’s the whole Me Too movement going on, but those words have been famous ever since Brene Brown said them in one of her books, and I loved that she talked about the reliability of hearing somebody else be able to say, “Me too,” with the same experiences you’ve been through. There’s nothing that connects us quite in that way, of knowing that somebody just gets us. And that’s how I felt with Jalynn. I have tons, tons, tons, tons that I can learn from her. She’s been doing what I do a lot longer than I have, but it’s still just great to see what can happen, and what has happened for her and her dreams.

01:14 KT: So, if you’re in direct sales, if you’re in LipSense especially, you’re gonna love this episode ’cause Jalynn has made stuff happen. She’s become one of the top earners in all of SeneGence, and she’s just really successful. So, sit back and relax or take notes, definitely take notes, and this one is gonna rock your world.

01:31 KT: Hey, everybody, welcome to another episode of the podcast. I’m really excited today to be joined by the beautiful, amazing, wonderful, talented, how’s that for an introduction, Jalynn Schroeder.

01:42 Jalynn Schroeder: It’s so nice.


01:44 KT: We are internet friends, and now we will be real friends because the podcast is what brings people together. So, welcome to the podcast, I’m so excited to have you here.

01:53 JS: Thank you for having me.

01:55 KT: Of course. Give everybody, who may not already know who you are from social media world, a little bit of background on you as far as mom life, how old is your little girl and baby on the way, all that good juicy stuff.

02:09 JS: Okay. I have a 2-1/2-year-old, and she is crazy. Everyone told me to be aware of 2-year-old and 3-year-old stage, and holy molly, it is coming on strong. She’s giving me a run for my money lately. And then I am due in 25 days, nobody’s counting, with my second, and it’s a boy. So, we’re gonna have one of each, and I am so excited.

02:37 KT: That’s so fun. I’m sure you don’t have anything like a paper chain or a countdown on your phone, or anything, right? [chuckle] You have no idea, you’re just long for the ride of pregnancy. [laughter] My sister is kind of in the same stage as you are, and it’s just like, “What is even the last two, three, four weeks of pregnancy for? What’s the point? Just get the baby out of me. Please let me be on my birth.”

03:05 JS: I know. It’s terrible. And people will comment on my social media all the time, my stories are, like, “Are you having hard time breathing? Did you just run?” I’m like, “No, I just walked five steps, and I can’t breathe.”

[overlapping conversation]

03:22 JS: Yeah.

03:23 KT: Yeah. We all get that. I remember not knowing until 70%, 80% way through my first pregnancy that that was a normal thing. Even in the first trimester, I just remember feeling winded, and it was just something about blood supply and all the weird stuff changing, and I was like, “So, I’m not just really lazy or really out of shape. It’s normal, it’s okay.” But now you’re just…

03:44 JS: Yeah. It makes you feel like terrible for a second ’cause you’re like, “I swear I’m not this out of shape,” but really it’s just because there’s a human taking up all the space, so you can’t breathe, so it makes sense.


03:58 KT: Yes. Yes, exactly. All your organs are not your own anymore.

04:02 JS: Exactly.

04:03 KT: A little bit of business background, because I know there’s a lot of mompreneurs, a lot of girls who love the hustle, listening to this, give everybody a little background on The Red Closet Diary, and how that transitioned to LipSense and just a little bit of the story.

04:18 JS: All right. I started my blog a very long time ago. It’s been a good amount of time. I actually started it when I was first married, my first marriage, and the reason behind starting it is I love fashion, I’ve always been into fashion, but my fashion is more like I would go to DI, I would thrift stuff, I would just put these fun outfits together, super cheap outfits, and people would always ask me, “Where did you get that? How do you put that together? Or how are you confident wearing stripes and leopard print together without feeling… ” I don’t know, whatever. I would just get questions all the time. Blogging was not really a thing back then. Like I said, I’ve been blogging for probably, I wanna say, eight, nine, 10 years. I can’t member the exact date, but it’s been a second. My mom was like, “Hey, you should start a blog and I can do your pictures,” ’cause she was just getting into photography, “and we can be a team and just have fun with it, and blah blah blah.”

05:32 JS: And I never had any intention of necessarily trying to grow, because Instagram had just barely started becoming a thing at that point, and I didn’t even know that there was a business opportunity in it because it was a very new thing. So, I started… Yeah, I just started documenting my outfits. I look back now and die at some of the outfits I’ve put together, as I’m sure most people do 10 years ago.

05:58 KT: Yes, for sure.

06:00 JS: It’s funny, but it’s a little crazy to see what I was putting together.

06:05 KT: You had to start somewhere. Right?

06:05 JS: Yes.

06:07 KT: It made sense at the time.

06:08 JS: Yes. And the funny thing is it was totally me, and I’m still like that, I just have a… I’m a little better at putting stuff together. So, that’s kind of where my whole blog thing started. I ended up getting divorced from that first marriage, and I took a year break from my blog. And then I started getting back into it because I felt like it was… The Red Closet Diary, it’s a diary and that’s pretty much how I used it, not only to share my outfits but also what I was going through because I… Going through a divorce was really hard, and it’s something that I don’t feel like a lot of people talk about. And especially in the community that I’m in, it’s not something that’s necessarily encouraged. It’s not encouraged anywhere, of course, but I just felt like I needed to have a place to talk about stuff like that, because I know that there’s people out there that are going through something. And I’m one who needs get my feelings out, I can’t just hold them. So, I started my blog again, I was single…

07:14 KT: Ready to mingle.


07:15 JS: I was literally having my neighbor guy friend… Yes. I was having… Literally my neighbor guys, friends, whatever, were taking my blog pictures for me. Those were even worse than when I first started, but I like growing…

07:31 KT: But, wait, you basically were training future Instagram husbands though. Right?

07:35 JS: Yes, exactly. I was doing them a favor.


07:36 KT: You were giving them skills.

07:39 JS: Yes. They’re totally prepped now.

07:41 KT: Absolutely. Yes.

07:42 JS: That’s a qualification nowadays.

07:44 KT: Yes, it really is.

07:45 JS: I started up blogging again and it’s… It has never been a crazy full-time income for me necessarily. I do it because I love it. There is money involved, of course, but for me it’s never taken off to the point of where it’s become something crazy for me. It’s something I’ve enjoyed, it’s something I’ve shared, and it’s been a really good outlet for me. Let’s see, LipSense came into my life about four months after Charly was born. At that point, I was blogging. That’s all I was doing because I quit my job, my full-time job, a month before Charly was born. And I was going through a very, very, very rough time, ’cause I’ve worked my whole life, I’ve been a very busy person my whole life, and I went from having these goals, having a job, moving up in the world, blah blah blah, to nothing and being a mom, which is, of course, a lot of something, it’s amazing.

09:00 KT: Yeah. It’s different.

09:00 JS: But for me it’s so different because… I just remember sitting there and I… Just breastfeeding, it’s like a full-time job. I just remember sitting on the couch, and I’m like, “Is this my life? Is this what I’m gonna be doing now?” I had no reason to put make-up on or to put outfits on. I was in a pretty big… I wouldn’t say that I had full-on postpartum depression, but I definitely had the baby blues and I was definitely questioning, “What am I gonna do with my life?” Because for me, since I was little, I just remember being in elementary school, junior high, and being asked when you’re new in the class and they’re going around and saying, “What do you wanna be when you grow up?” I just remember a lot of, most girls saying, “I wanna be a mom.” And I just never… That was never my answer. I always wanted to work either in the fashion industry, or I wanted to have a business. That was always my answer.

10:04 JS: LipSense, SeneGence came into my life at the perfect time, because I just remember I was just in not a great place. I wasn’t even looking for anything. I was blogging, I was enjoying that, but this literally slapped me in the face. I originally signed up just to get a discount on the product because, like I said, not having a full-time income, it was hard because I couldn’t just go buy stuff. I had to ask my husband or be like, “Hey, I wanna buy 50 lipsticks, are you cool with that?” There’s no way… He would have been like, “Yeah, go for it.” [chuckle] So, I totally signed up because I wanted to get a huge discount and buy all the colors that I wanted. And then people started asking me, “Oh, where did you get that? It’s not coming off. That’s cool, blah blah blah.” And that’s when I just jumped right in, and I realized, “Hey, this is fun. It’s giving me a reason to get up and put make-up on in the morning. It’s giving me a reason to be social.” I felt like I had somewhat more of a purpose at that point. So, as soon as I saw the potential, I just ran with that full on… I don’t even know, full-on speed ahead ran with it. That’s where that came in.

11:27 JS: And then also I started my boutique, let’s see, about a year ago. That was more just because, like I said, I am in love with the fashion industry, I’ve always wanted to have my own shop, and it was the perfect timing because there was no necessarily pressure. I wasn’t doing it to make an income necessarily. But since it had been my dream, I just went for it. I slowed down on that when I got pregnant, and stuff stops spinning you. So, I took a little break on that. It still is going, but I haven’t done a ton with that lately. But those are my three businesses, and they’re all named after each other, all named after my blog, The Red Closet Diary, so that’s kind of how I got started with all of those.

12:21 KT: I love it. It’s amazing how just starting with something as an outlet can turn on into a full on… ‘Cause for those of you guys listening who don’t know, Jalynn is very, very, very successful. It’s always awkward to talk about your own success, so I don’t expect you to be like, “No, I’m like really, really popular in LipSense and SeneGence, and I’m like a really big deal.” [chuckle] But she is. For anybody who’s in the world of SeneGence, or even if you’re not, I think it still sounds impressive to list your title and accomplishments. What is your title in SeneGence at this point?

12:52 JS: Okay. I have to always remember this. My title is Ruby Majesty, and that means that my team did $26 million in sales last year. It’s kind of complicated to explain for those who are not in the network marketing world, but… Yeah. My team killed it last year, it was an awesome year., so I’m very lucky to be where I’m at.

13:23 KT: Yeah. Regardless of knowing the terminology, that still sounds really, really amazing. Isn’t that crazy…

13:28 JS: It’s a lot of stuff to sell. That’s a lot of skin care and lipstick to sell, for sure.

13:34 KT: It is. That’s a ton. That is a ton. And amazing that you’ve built a team like that, just from wanting to have an outlet and just from wanting to play with colors and have something, a reason to get ready for the day every day. I always like to speak a little bit to the budding entrepreneurs, ’cause I know this is… Listening to podcasts is really where I got my inspiration to start an online business and really start to understand the possibilities that are out there. And so if you had to give… It doesn’t even have to be some original piece of advice, but what would you even say to yourself a few years ago before all of this erupted into your life? And what key things do you wish you had known then that maybe would have avoided you some of the struggle or just would have helped you realize the potential that you actually had?

14:28 JS: I would probably… My answers, like you said, are gonna be very, probably ones that you’ve heard, but I think… I don’t even know if this is a piece of advice, but I wanna say mindset has been such a huge thing for me and for my team, and just everything in general, because it’s so easy, as women especially, to doubt ourselves, and to doubt our worth, and to doubt everything, as a mom, as an entrepreneur, or whatever it is, it’s so easy to even have a bad day and be like, “Well, I suck. This isn’t gonna work out.” I see it every day. And especially being in this industry and working with as many people as I do on my team, I just see it all the time. I see people quitting, and even giving their dreams a week and then saying, “Oh, it’s not gonna work out for me.” I just feel like women get down on themselves so easy.

15:29 JS: With me, I have a pretty major anxiety, and something that’s been very helpful to me is personal development, and I wanna encourage that, first and foremost, just because I think it’s important, as a mom, as a wife, as an entrepreneur… Even if you’re not looking to start a business, it’s so important to be working on yourself, because you cannot take care of anyone else, including your family, including your business, whatever it is, until you have fully taken care of yourself. If you’re trying to pour in other people’s glasses without taking care of yourself first, it pretty much sucks you dry and that’s when you get to the quitting point. So, that’s probably my first piece of advice.

16:15 JS: And then my second would be consistency. I probably… I scream this one from the rooftops to pretty much everyone who I come in contact with, just because it’s so important to be consistent in every single thing you do in life. Even if it’s not working out or if something’s not going well, or blah blah blah, you have to be consistent. Doing something for a couple of weeks and then saying, “Oh, it’s not gonna work out for me,” that’s not consistency. Consistency is doing something consistently for a very long period of time. And I really do believe, with all of my heart, that if you’re consistent in everything you do and you’re giving 100%, that things will work out. Everyone’s stories and journeys are different, and it could take someone a year of being consistent, it could take someone five years of being consistent. But the cool thing is, if you know that you could reach your dreams and potentially change your future or change your family’s future, why would you not be consistent until you hit that point? I always tell my girls, “Don’t quit before the miracle happens.”

17:25 KT: I love that. That is such a good… That might be the title of your episode. That’s so good. [chuckle] And I love that, and I hope everybody on my team is listening to this as well, because that’s definitely… When you said, “Scream from the rooftops,” that’s something that I scream all the time. Because, in any business, whether it’s direct sales or not, I think there’s what that crazy statistic on how many businesses fail in the first year. And it’s because they probably don’t even make it through month one. And it’s so easy to have the ambition. The feeling of excitement on what you can create is so, so, so good, but I think people… It’s like a relationship. When you’re in love with your husband, when you fall in love, and it’s so exciting and new, and it’s an adventure, it’s so good. And you think, “We’re gonna keep this forever, it’s always gonna feel this way.” And then it doesn’t, but it becomes something so much greater and so much deeper and more meaningful, but only because you’re consistently showing up and bringing your A game, or the very best that you have to offer that day, even if you don’t want to.

18:25 KT: There’s days I just don’t wanna be nice to my husband, but I am, because he’s the best, he’s the most important thing to me. And I think, if you cherish your business and you show up for it that way and understand that it’s not gonna maybe feel like butterflies all the time, but it’s gonna become something so much more exciting than that in one year, like you said, two years, five years, however long it takes, it’s like why would you stop because the alternative is not reaching your dreams? Yeah, I love that.

18:55 JS: You said it perfectly.

18:57 KT: Well, so did you, it was really good advice. [chuckle] I actually just watched the funniest video today, as I was scrolling through Facebook, and it was Kristina Kuzmic. I don’t even know if I’m saying her name right. Have you seen her on social media before?

19:12 JS: I don’t know.

19:13 KT: You’d probably know her if you saw it. But she was asking dads, “How do you balance it all?” And the dads were like, “Never been asked that before.” And she’s like, “Why do women get asked all the time how they balance things, and why are we expected to?” So, I’m not gonna ask you how you balance things, [chuckle] but I’m sure you’ve been faced with the mom guilt of it’s just still not like a standard thing for the woman to be more, I don’t even wanna say successful but just more out there doing the hustle. How have you and your husband found that flow that works for you guys where everybody feels like they’re contributing, and you’re able to do it as a team? How has that fallen into place?

19:52 JS: I have been so lucky my husband was an entrepreneur for quite a while, and I think it was very helpful for me, especially, to know that he understands what it takes to grow a business, because I do see a lot of women getting into the business side of things or trying to grow, and it takes time, it takes a lot of time, and it takes a crap ton of sacrifice. And if your spouse isn’t on board, it makes it 10,000 times harder to get going. When I first told my husband I was going to actually do this, he said “no” just because he had… It’s kind of a back story to that, but he had a really bad taste in his mouth, and at the time, he was working for an agency and his job literally was to manage and… Reputation management. It’s as bad as it sounds. He was trying to make people… Make network marketing companies’ reputations better online because of their executive team pretty much just not making good decisions and not being the best of people. He just assumed they were all like that, and so he was not on board with me doing this at all. And I pretty much just told him, “Give me 30 days, let’s see what happens.” But the good thing is, as soon as I started and soon as he looked into the business more and he learned more about our executive team, he was on board.

21:25 JS: I just remember coming home from my very first training, and this was right before I decided I was gonna actually do this, that I was gonna put 100% in and I was gonna a grow a team, and blah blah blah, and I woke him up… Because it was a training, and then we had a girls’ night, I came home late, I woke him up and I said, “Hey, I wanna do this. I feel strongly about this, I think this is gonna be great for me. And as a mom, and as a person to have goals again, blah blah blah.” That’s when he sat up, and he was like, “Okay, so you know this is gonna take time, you know this is gonna take sacrifice, you know you’re gonna have to speak in front of people,” which goes back to my anxiety. He knows me very well. And I said, “Okay. Well, let’s do it.”

22:11 JS: So, from the get-go, I’ve had his support and we both have understood that it’s gonna take sacrifice. And I did get a lot of crap for this, but I did a lot of traveling my first, probably, a year… Let’s see, probably a year and a half I was being in the business, because we both saw the importance of going to meet my team, going to train my team. And every time I left an area, I saw my team grow in that area, so it was very important to me to hit that fast while we could, and to really get out there and meet my team, create those relationships. I did get a lot of crap about leaving Charly and all these things, but in my mind, it was like I would rather sacrifice a year, a couple of weekends, a month for a year, and be able to provide a life for us that could potentially… It could change our lives. I would rather do that and know that I gave 100%, than look back and be like, “Oh, I wish I would have done this, I wish I would have done that.”

23:21 JS: Yeah. So, the first thing is my husband’s support, obviously, that’s been amazing. He’s been such a good team player from the get-go. I had to learn to delegate from pretty early on, because I’m a control freak. And if I could do it, I would do everything. I really would. That’s just my personality. I want things done fast and I want them done right, and I put a lot on my shoulders at first, so it was… That was something that was really hard for me. And even the CEO of our company, she teaches, “You need to be delegating. You can’t do everything. You’re one person.” So, my husband started helping a lot with Charly. When he’d get home from work, he would be the one to help her do dinner, and blah blah blah, ’cause he knew that I needed to be working.

24:11 JS: And then obviously, when she’d go to bed, those were prime hours of getting stuff done. That was huge. So, the husband thing, the delegating thing, and I am a huge on-list and planners, and I have to have things planned out, I have to be very intentional with my time, because it’s so easy to get on Facebook because… Most of us run our businesses online, and it’s so easy to get on the internet, get on Facebook, get on Instagram, and get lost. And then you look at your phone an hour later, and you’re like, “Oh, shoot, I just watched everyone’s stories, but I didn’t get any work done. So, being intentional…

24:50 KT: “I need to create my own stories.”


24:52 JS: Yes.

24:54 KT: “Like literal, my own literal content.”

24:56 JS: Yes, for sure. There was probably eight months where I didn’t scroll through my feed, I didn’t look at stories. I focused on my business, and I made sure that my things were done. And like I said, it took a lot of sacrifice, but that’s…

25:12 KT: It’s a lot of discipline.

25:14 JS: It is.

25:15 KT: That’s totally the word that comes to mind. And you think… I think everybody knows how hard that would be, but really it’s easy to say, it’s the same as the consistency and your business and everything like that. But every Sunday, for me, it’s easy to say, “I’m not gonna be on my phone as much. I’m gonna be really productive with my time.” And what’s the first thing you do, out of habit, it’s to pick up your phone and you think, “I’m just gonna scroll while I do this for two seconds” and your time… So, it does, it requires a ton, a ton, a ton of discipline, which I think a lot of people, that combined with the consistency or just the lack, and they wonder why things are happening. And that’s why you’ve been able to be successful. And I think it’s so hard to be in that situation ’cause I’m with you right there, I did a lot of traveling last year as well just in my first year of building… I don’t feel like I got a ton of flack from people. If they were judging, they were judging silently, but it’s so hard to understand, “Why am I okay with this? Is this okay?”

26:12 KT: And there’s really no rules, there’s no rules of, like, you’re supposed to spend X amount of hours in the day with your children, you have to sit on the floor for this many minutes a day to play with them. My kids were adjusted, they felt nurtured, they felt secure, and if they… They were a little older than Charly is, and so if they noticed, they started saying, “We really miss you,” I knew it was time to pull back a little bit. But for the most part, they had weekend fun time with dad, and it was such a good experience for my kids to be nurtured by their father. I don’t know. It’s so hard, ’cause there’s really no rules on who is in charge of what, and that’s really how we built our family. I don’t know.

26:49 KT: Okay, so let’s share this… I’ll probably share this on a whole other episode, but I had this moment with my daughter on my lap, and I was getting ready for a team recruiting event or something, and I was trying to explain… She’s four, so she doesn’t fully understand, but I was like, “This is what’s happening, this is what I’m doing.” And it just hit me so hard, I am creating a legacy for my daughter. And I’ve always thought it would be really cool to just hand this business down to her and have her take it over, but just… She had just said, “When I grow up, I wanna be a mommy.” And I was like, “My daughter undoubtedly will be able to stay home with her children if she wants to. I’m creating that freedom.” I even think, if you’re inclined to judge, it’s really amazing to see… We can see right now the immediate success. You’re doing really, really well with SeneGence, but I think even trying to think of 20 years from now, the life you’re creating long term for your posterity is just mind-blowing.

27:42 KT: Anyway, that’s me on my soapbox, it’s just so much bigger than this year, and this week, and this call, and this training. It’s such a long-term capacity to create abundance for everybody around you. I think it’s awesome.

27:56 JS: Oh, it totally is. And I’ve already seen that in Charly. She’s 2-/12, we’re still… She’s barely putting sentences together, but she notices, she notices me doing my training, she notices me doing my… Get ready with me. Whatever it is, she notices those things. And as the more I think about it, I want her to have the option of doing whatever she wants. I don’t want her going to school, feeling like she has to be stuck in this trap of going to school, getting a 9-5, being in debt for the rest of your life. If that’s what she wants to do, 100% I will support her in whatever she wants to do, but I do want her to know she has options and I want her to see that from me. That’s huge for me, and I just don’t want her to feel like she has to be doing something because the world says she has to be doing something. I want her to do what she’s passionate about and what she loves, and if that is whatever, we will always support her. But I just want her to know… And like you said, I think that’s so cool that our kids are watching us build and work hard and make sacrifices. And I think that they notice it a lot more than we even think they do and that alone, right there, is worth it to me.

29:15 KT: Yeah, 100% I’m with you. I feel like I could talk to you all day. I really, really could. You’re my people, we get it, we get it. We’re in the same… We’re like living parallel lives. We’re totally different companies, but it doesn’t even matter because we get it. And all of the things you said, it’s just… I love it. So, thank you for coming on and sharing your background and your story. How can people get a hold of you, follow you, learn more about you, all of that? What’s a couple of your social media handles?

29:45 JS: My personal Instagram is jalynnschroeder, and that’s pretty much where you can find me everywhere. I’m Jalynn Schroeder on pretty much every social media outlet, and then all my links are on that page as well. That’s my personal one, but I also do… I do a little bit of everything on there, so that’s probably the best place to find me.

30:08 KT: Cool. Okay. And then my favorite question, which I always say you basically are summing this up in the whole entire interview, but formally, what makes you a marvelous mom?

30:21 JS: Oh, man, that’s a hard one to answer this week. I’ve had a rough mom month.

30:26 KT: Oh, I feel you.

30:30 JS: It’s one of those times where I feel like the worst mom ever because I have a couple of weeks left to have my baby, we just moved in, my husband just started a new job two days ago, so it’s been the craziest month probably of my life, I can say.


30:46 KT: You’re like, “Am I even?” Just think beyond this month, think of the best day you’ve had or even just how you’ve conquered the worst day.

31:00 JS: How we’ve conquered the worst day. Honestly, I don’t know if this even answers your question, but on my worst day, what makes me happy is, honestly, being a mom and being around my child because the thought… The brains of little kids are so pure and innocent, and nothing is wrong in their world, besides when they don’t get the candy they want or those little things. I was actually reading something on Facebook today… I’m gonna share this really quick because I think it’s really cool. It was a little story about this little kid telling his mom that he wants to be an astronaut when he grows up and his mom is like, “Oh, that’s gonna be hard work. You have to go to school, you have to do this, you have to do this, you have to do this.” And he’s like, “Oh, well, that’s only four things. That’s not hard.”

31:56 KT: I love that.

31:57 JS: And I thought that, I’m gonna share that with my team because I thought that was so cool. The mind of a kid, instead of being, like, “Oh, being an astronaut could be crazy hard,” he said, “Well, my mom just told me it’s only gonna take four things,” thinking just so simple about it… I don’t know. I don’t know if I am saying my feelings right or what I’m trying to get out.

32:17 KT: I understand what you’re saying. Yeah, totally.

32:19 JS: But I thought that was so cool and that’s totally a kid, having that kid mindset. I love being an entrepreneur, but definitely being a mom has been such a rewarding thing, even on the crazy hard days. And it’s so cool how your kids are so in tune with your feelings. She knows when I’m having a bad day, and she’ll just come give me a hug.

32:44 KT: I love it. I love everything about that. You’re amazing, you really are. You’re a marvelous mom, and I’m so grateful that you’ve been on here and just shared everything. I know it’s uplifted and inspired and probably intrigued a lot of amazing moms. So it’s been so great to connect with you. Everybody go check her out, like we said, on social media, and you know who to go to if you need any “lip sense.” She’s your girl. They’ve even named a color after her, as far as I know. Right?


33:13 JS: Yes.

33:14 KT: That’s how you know you’ve arrived.

33:15 JS: Probably a color most people won’t want to wear, but that’s okay. It’s definitely my gem.

33:21 KT: It’s your signature color. Yep, I love it. All right. Well, thanks again, Jalynn, you’re amazing. And, everybody else listening, have a wonderful day and we’ll see you on the next episode.



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