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EP 092: Holistic Healing with McKenna Gordon

EP 092: Holistic Healing with McKenna Gordon

IMG_0611McKenna is not only one of my favorite people to follow on snapchat but she is a mom with a really cool story and a lot to share with the world! Holistic healing is just one of the many things she does on a daily basis and you’ll need to listen in to hear all about her and what she does! I love that she went from having a uterus that was completely unable to conceive to one that conceived on its own without any medical assistance just by changing her diet and health habits! It reminds me that anything is possible and there is never reason to doubt or fear the future!

McKenna, thank you for being on the podcast and sharing so much awesome inspiration with me and everyone else! I love how you have taken care of yourself and then made it possible for all of us to do the same!

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