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Ep 095: A Toe in Two Worlds with Shannon Chabot

Ep 095: A Toe in Two Worlds with Shannon Chabot


IMG_5793Shannon was a delight to talk to, and I loved getting to know her and her story of motherhood! Starting out as a single mom she balanced her own world with that of being a mother in a coparenting situation. Years later she found the man of her dreams and has since had three more children! She chats about the interesting balance between having a child in high school and a child in preschool and what it’s like to have her toe in two different worlds of parenting.

After putting her career and education on hold to raise her family she is now taking things a step at a time, getting her Masters degree so she can pursue a career in school counseling and family therapy.

Her God centered approach is so sweet and I know you’ll love hearing about each aspect of her journey and gain respect for her trials! Thank you Shannon I just love you!

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