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Ep 096: Mompreneur Monday with Mia Moran of Plan Simple Meals

Ep 096: Mompreneur Monday with Mia Moran of Plan Simple Meals


140808_Miamoran_-3530Mia was such a soul sister and I loved hearing about her adventures in both healthy eating and entrepreneur life. She is a fellow podcaster and I could talk to her every day and it still wouldn’t be enough- so thank goodness for her podcast where I can learn all she has to share!

She went from drinking 8 cups of coffee (or more) per day to eating completely raw vegan and doing yoga pretty much overnight and lost the 75 pounds she had gained from having babies. She didn’t stop there either, she took her story to the internet and now inspires hundreds if not thousands of people to do the same by planning simple meals and making healthy eating possible for everyone!

Her new book is out now and she is taking her family on a “fambatical” while she does her book tour, because it wouldn’t make sense to promote healthy eating with the family without….the family! Listen in to her business skills, her health journey and so much more on today’s episode!

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