Ep 097: Have You Figured Out a Summer Schedule? Updates On Marvelous Moms Club and MORE!

Today I’m sharing my daily summer schedule and how we are going to keep everyone sane while working from home and having all the kids home!  In the episode I forgot to add that early afternoons are our total play time at the beach, park or wherever the kids want to be that day! It is SO fun to have the freedom and flexibility to do whatever we want with our time! I love that Ben will be home on my birthday and I don’t have to share him with a 9-5 job anymore!

I’m also sharing the summer schedule for the podcast and what you can expect this week as we gear up for episode 100! Can you believe we have gotten this far already? If you haven’t yet, will you be so kind to leave a rating and review for me right now?Just head over to iTunes HERE and click ratings and reviews, and leave me a nice little review, please!  I’d sure appreciate it!

Also, in case you missed it I posted my top 15 beach MUST HAVES on the blog the other day! Check it out HERE!

Have a great day mommies and keep on listenin’!