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Ep 103: Living a Purposeful Life with Brittany Lawrence

Ep 103: Living a Purposeful Life with Brittany Lawrence



FAMILYBrittany’s story left me in tears the first time I heard it. I mean we’re talking sobbing in the front seat while my husband was driving. I knew instantly I had to share it on the podcast, not because it is fascinating and heartbreaking at the same time, but because her attitude and zeal for life going forward is inspiring.

Knowing your future could be very short on the earth could cripple you and leave you in state of helplessness, but Brittany has taken a very rare diagnosis and chosen to have the fullest life possible, without fear or limitation. Her light shines around everyone near her and if I could talk to her every day I would!

She is a killer mompreneur with so many things going on it’s no wonder people call her “busy Britt”!

Come listen in to hear her story and be motivated to not waste a single moment of your life. I know I won’t after hearing from her!

Keep up with Brittany in all these places:

 Mom Boss Instagram // Mom Boss Movement Facebook // Periscope // Personal Instagram

Have a MARVELOUS day!

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