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EP 111: Share the Good with Daniel Davis of Stiry

EP 111: Share the Good with Daniel Davis of Stiry

Something new is happening on the podcast- our first ever male guest! I don’t make this allowance for just anyone, in fact I never have. But Dan’s new website and mission, Stiry, is too important to ignore. And I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with him to sponsor today’s story.

When I started Marvelous Moms Club it was to do the very thing Stiry is doing, but more directly for mothers. Sharing good on the internet and sharing people’s stories. I see the good it has done, how it inspires others to work past defeat and tragedy and I know personally this has moved my own personal mountains.

It is with joy that I share today’s story of the day with you, as well as an in depth look at how and why Stiry was created!

Check it out and enjoy! See you back here for new episodes in September!

Today’s Stiry¬†about a mother who builds a tiny house for her children. I loved this story and hope you will too!

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