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EP 114: Life’s a Picnic with Leah Loudermilk of Island Picnic

EP 114: Life’s a Picnic with Leah Loudermilk of Island Picnic

Leah and her mother created the organic company Island Picnic, after realizing how boring some organic products were! Now you can get fun, vibrant beautiful essentials that are also organic and safe for the whole family! Come learn more at

I’m slowly realizing and learning and most entrepreneurship is born first by filling a personal need, then realizing more people need the information or skill we have gained.  That is true of Leah’s story, who upon realizing her daughter had food allergies, decided to look deeper into what might be the source of this new and growing problem.  She turned to organic products not only for food, but for clothing and household items we are using every day that we may not realize contribute to our overall health. My mind was blown at some of the facts she shared about pesticides on cotton!  Come learn more about the creators of the organic Island Picnic! Trendy and cute organic products perfect for kids with food allergies and to help live a healthier lifestyle!

Leah found that most organic products were boring and bland and went on to create Island Picnic with her mother, where they sell amazing and CUTE organic products! She also helps educate others who are on the same path with children who have food allergies.  She has such a great positive attitude and it was so eye opening to hear about how she’s had to educate not only herself and her daughter, but the school and those who spend the most time with her daughter!


Come listen to Leah’s story and check out her blog at!

Thank you for being a guest Leah and we are sending you happy vibes with the new baby and homeschooling goals!



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