EP 115: Hope, Faith and Freckles with Emily Meyers of The Freckled Fox

Emily Meyers of the Freckled Fox talks about the loss of her husband Martin to cancer and shares some never before heard stories about her journey. Come listen to this mom of 5 share her inspirational and optimistic perspective with the world! www.marvelousmomsclub.com



Emily Meyers with her family of 7 before losing her husband to cancer. Her story can be found in audio format at www.marvelousmomsclub.com. Photo via Justin Hackworth
Photo via Justin Hackworth

Several months ago I was on my favorite social media platform, Periscope, when a new person popped up and everyone invited me to watch her live streams. I had never heard of her, didn’t know her story (because I was living under a rock somewhere that Instagram didn’t exist apparently), but I instantly loved her. Who was this beautiful red head with five children, and how on earth did she seem so calm and sweet with FIVE children under the age of five running around?  I got to know Emily a lot through watching her Periscopes, and we became “social media friends”, which was wonderful.  She would come on my periscopes and laugh and leave supportive comments as I tried to show everyone my make-up regimen that consisted of 3 year old lip liners and half broken brushes.  I thought, hey, this girl is really sweet and fun, I should have her on the podcast sharing some mom tips since she’s clearly got some things figured out to have had so many kids in such a short time! I had no idea, none whatsoever, that she was battling the hardest year of her life.

Tracy Layne Photography
Photo via Tracy Layne Photography

Because I had been living under a rock, I had never read her blog, didn’t know that her husband Martin was suffering from Stage 4 Melanoma.  I didn’t know that on top of taking care of five kids, she was taking care of a terminally ill husband, maintaining a blog and keeping a smile on her face.  I just thought she was an adorable, carefree mom with the standard life we all seem to live. When I started reading more on her blog, I was devastated for her. I almost felt embarrassed that I had asked her to be on the podcast, not realizing how difficult life was for her.  I watched with thousands of other people as her life continued to become weighed down with sorrow, and cried my eyes out when I found out her sweet husband had passed away just days before Father’s Day.

You never know how to talk to someone when they are in grief, or at least I don’t. I prayed for Emily like everyone else, and let her know I was there. Fast forward a few months, and now I can’t go a day without talking to her. She’s become one of my soul sister friends, the kind that you just know you knew before.  I’d always heard Emily was sweet and kind, but until I met her in real life, I didn’t realize truly how special she is.  And not only is she the most patient, mellow mother, she is HILARIOUS and we keep each other laughing on a daily basis, which I have always thought is the best medicine…

Emily came to visit me this past weekend with all five of those amazing kids, and we stole a little time after they were all in bed to finally have this podcast interview.  I’m honored to be able to share a little more insight into what the last year and a half were like for Emily, the moments she didn’t feel ready to share on her blog, the stories behind the stories.  I know it’s been overwhelming to share everything in the middle of her turmoil, and she’s always striven to keep her blog positive, faith-filled and amazing.  So grab some tissues- I promise you will need them, and if you haven’t already, prepare to fall head over heels in love with this absolutely Marvelous Mom, Emily Meyers.

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  • Beautiful family portrait, Phil & I are so happy for you Emily and your new family. Now soon is too soon?? When Phil and I married, 23 years ago it was a 2nd marriage for both of us, he felt called By God to serve. Where ever he applied we were told we had either been divorced or not married long enough – what – does God want us to be on a specific time table, I think not. What has happened to you is devastating and the hurt and healing will go on for years, thanks to our loving heavenly father you have someone to help you through. Enjoy life, you better than anyone, know how short and precious life is.
    God Bless
    Laurie Airhart

  • This is absolutely beautiful. It’s raw and so hard… but Emily comes across as such a ray of light, even through such a dark time. She is an inspiration. You can hear the strength in her voice, along with so much kindness and love. I have often prayed for her and her family over the last 18+ months and I am so happy to see her continuing on. Moving forward. Not forgetting, but as she said in her latest post, embracing those golden seams. I love her ‘old soul’ and appreciate from my little corner of the internet, her brave heart. Emily, if you ever see this, please know how much your story has touched countless other lives. I’ve shared your story with my dearest girlfriends and we all vowed to hold our husbands and loved ones just a smidge closer these days. Life is fragile, but knowing the Lord walks with us can uplift and protect our hurting hearts. Blessings to you as you journey on!
    And Kirsten, what a darling person and personality you have! I’m glad to have ‘met’ you now, through Emily’s blog – she is so blessed to know you. You have such a sweet rapport with one another <3

    • Thank you SO much for your kind comment! I agree with everything you said, 100%. Love her old soul and her willingness to still love and find joy even in a world she could very well perceive as cruel and unfair! We all need more Emily in us! And thank you for what you said to me personally! It means so much, and I hope you’ll stick around and listen to even more amazing stories from other marvelous moms! 🙂

  • I came across Emily’s story this past May, I remember the night I first began reading about her life very clearly. I was in the middle of a painful, unwanted and heartbreaking divorce. My world was frozen, and I was lost. And yet it was that night that I began praying for this girl I hardly knew, I stopped praying for my own heart, rather hers. She was carrying the most impossible weight of a shattered world. I’ve prayed for Emily ever since, and have carried this quiet torch for this girl with 5 babies and an impossible to comprehend story. Yet, after listening to this I simply love her more, for being an example of grace, courage and hope — in circumstances beyond every ounce of her own control.

    And for her to find happiness again, love and healing — ahhh, what an example. A hero like quality to someone like me, and so many out there who have struggled with the weight of love and loss. Thank you for this podcast, just thank you. That Freckled Fox is amazing.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment, I completely agree, Emily is an incredibly courageous inspiring person and I KNOW she has felt the effects of so many prayers, so thank you, as her friend, for your support and love! XOXO

      • Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing this conversation. So many things will stay with me forever.

  • Thank you for sharing this podcast and Emily’s story. Our little family is going through a tough journey…my husband doesn’t have cancer but is very ill and your story really touched my heart. Truly and deeply. There seems to be so many raw emotions that you experience and change on a dime. Thank you for your honesty <3


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