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Ep 116: Affirmations, Dreams and Why I Started Marvelous Moms Club

Ep 116: Affirmations, Dreams and Why I Started Marvelous Moms Club


Today I’m getting a little vulnerable and sharing with listeners old and new what has happened recently for me, and how I’m working through it! I started this podcast nearly a year ago with high hopes, and the desire to share inspiration with other mothers. I had come through a really rough patch myself, and wanted to remind all mothers that they are capable of being marvelous, incredible and ALL the descriptive happy words out there. I wanted to give mothers a place to keep working towards their dreams, to push themselves a little harder to be the mothers they set out to be. And a funny thing happened recently..I started ignoring my own words. I fell back into some traps, negative thoughts and hopeless behaviors! So the very cause I am promoting is one I need to listen to just for myself!

I’m so honored to share stories regularly on here, but I sometimes don’t share enough of my own. So today I’m doing just that, in hopes that it will inspire someone, uplift someone or just be a little break from your own realities you face!

I’m overjoyed that this morning I checked the top charts for podcasts, to find Marvelous Moms Club in the number 3 slot. Wow. That is powerful ad moving…and I can’t wait to keep growing this amazing cause and to keep reaching all the mothers who need it! Because the truth is, so many moms need a place to feel taken care of!

If you haven’t yet, please leave a rating and review on iTunes, it helps us grow and I love knowing how the podcast has effected you! You can do that by searching Marvelous Moms Club on your podcast app on iPhone, or within iTunes, and clicking the “Reviews” tab. Can’t wait to hear from more of you!

And if you have a story to share, I’d love to hear it, and possibly share it on the podcast! Send it my way!

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