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EP 118: Mommy Talk with Lesley Miller of Coffee+Crumbs

EP 118: Mommy Talk with Lesley Miller of Coffee+Crumbs

Chatting with a fellow podcaster is ALWAYS a treat and Lesley did not disappoint! She podcasts over at Coffee+Crumbs, which is a spinoff of one of my favorite blogs on the internet. If you need a good mom cry (and haven’t cried too much from episodes here) Coffee+Crumbs is the place to go. Raw, vulnerable mommy content at its finest!

Lesley has such a sweet story and shares about her writing background, and the miracle surrounding the birth of her two youngest children.

My favorite aspect of podcasting is having those “me too” moments..and talking with Lesley was a series of those moments. Listen in to our mom chat to fall in love with Lesley like I did, and to remember that you are not alone in the crazy journey of motherhood!

Keep up with Lesley in all these wonderful places:

Coffee+Crumbs Podcast // Facebook // Blog // Instagram

From Lesley’s Book Shelf:


I’m excited to read each one of these books! Thank you Lesley for being such a sweet and awesome guest on the podcast! I’m so excited to hear more of your voice on Coffee+Crumbs! 



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