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EP 119: The Joys of Motherhood with Shannon Tripp

EP 119: The Joys of Motherhood with Shannon Tripp



The lovely Shannon Tripp chatting about discipline for kids, her amazing joy for motherhood and life as an ER pediatric nurse! Come to to listen! ¬†Shannon has quickly become one of my favorite people to follow on social media because I know how AMAZING she is! I got to know her a little bit from Periscope when it was in it’s hay day, and now I keep up with her through Instagram. She shares such raw beautiful content and makes me feel so PROUD to be a mother, so motivated to do my best and really brings together all the most beautiful elements of motherhood! Her happiness in her role of mother is contagious, and her perspective as an E.R. pediatric nurse will remind you how much we need to cherish our amazing children!

Enjoy my chat with Shannon, it will be the most heart warming tender thing you’ll listen to all day! Thank you beautiful friend, for sharing pieces of your sweet heart and happiness with us!

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