EP 122: Choosing Happiness with Briana Johnson of The Life Beats Project

 dsc01504 Briana immediately hit my radar when I found her podcast- because I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for other podcasters doing what I do! I was so happy to see that she is also sharing stories that empower people, uplift them and just bring overall good vibrations into the world!

Briana has quite a touching personal story. As the mother of five children, she already has a full plate, but on top of that she works full time to support her family since her husband suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. She stumbled into the world of podcasting after a round table podcasting class at a blogger conference. She realized it would be the most ideal way for her to share not only her story, but other inspiring stories.

I fell in love with Briana and felt like it was Destiny when she told me one of her daughter’s names. You’ll have to listen to find out why.hcfamiyphotos021

Thanks Briana for stepping up to the other side of the interview! It was so fun to chat with you!

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