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EP 124: Old Fashioned Miracles with Jen Hatzung of She Percolates

EP 124: Old Fashioned Miracles with Jen Hatzung of She Percolates


2w8a0968-1I first heard Jen’s story on one of my favorite podcasts- Boss Mom. Hearing bits of her journey into motherhood made me emotional and I knew I had to share it here with you, my wonderful Marvelous Moms Club!

It’s crazy how struggles can literally bring us to our knees, or onto the bathroom floor in Jen’s case, but bring us to the most incredible miracles of our lives. I will never fully comprehend the need for such pain, but I glimpse it when I realize how richly we are blessed, and wonder if we’d know how special certain things are, without first struggling. Infertility is one of the most painful things I’ve witnessed my own friends experience, and Jen’s story is the perfect depiction of all the emotions that come along with it.

Finally finding herself the recipient of a total “old fashioned miracle” as she wrote to me, she cherishes every day of motherhood. You won’t be able to help but smile as you hear her talk about her sweet Eleanor and how cute she is with her cheeks so big she topples over!fourth-party27

Jen is also a pretty awesome podcaster over at She Percolates, and the concept of this podcast is so cool to me. As entrepreneurs or even just people we tend to lack the feeling of success, even when we have achieved success! Her podcast celebrates women in every stage of success and reminds us to own our accomplishments. I love the message there, so go check out that podcast when you’re done listening to this one!

Thanks so much for sharing so much of your heart Jen! It was such an awesome chat!

Keep up with Jen in all these places:

She Percolates Site // Jen’s Instagram // She Percolates Instagram // Twitter¬†¬†// Snapchat ID: jenhatzung



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