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EP 125: What Life Really Looks Like with Claire Aleman

EP 125: What Life Really Looks Like with Claire Aleman


Cimg_2710laire- I LOVED chatting with you. You are such a rock solid mom who has totally come out of the trenches with a smile on your face!  I am so happy to share this episode with you all- Claire is truly a beautiful soul with so many stories to share! Claire has six children- which she didn’t think was going to be her reality due to the fact that her husband had testicular cancer years before.  Two of her children are twins, which is a handful in and of itself!  She also has learned to work around the struggles that come from having three of her six children on the autism spectrum.  Sometimes peeking inside someone’s life is completely jaw dropping, and that’s how I felt listening to Claire.  These crazy moments and experiences haven’t broken her- instead they have made her the totally marvelous mom she is today! This is a MUST LISTEN moms! Enjoy!

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From Claire’s bookshelf:

Thank you for being a guest Claire! It was such a fun chat! 



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