EP 127: Cara Brook Part 2- Fostering with Love

Cara warms my heart and without a doubt will warm all of your hearts before this episode is over!  Motherhood is such an interesting thing and sometimes comes with all kinds of unexpected emotions.


So many women have come on my podcast knowing they were destined for motherhood, whereas some had no idea if mothering would be innate or awesome for them. Cara is one of the latter, but quickly discovered she is meant for motherhood.  She has given birth to two gorgeous kids, but didn’t stop there!  Feeling an empty space in her heart, she realized someone in her family was missing. She knew someday she would foster and adopt children,  but soon realized it was going to happen sooner than later. Listen in to hear all about the past year of Cara’s life as she stepped onto a path that has made her life magnificently different!

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“If I finish the book and I have a new perspective on life, that’s a good book”. – Cara Brook

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