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EP 128: Mompreneur Monday with Nellie Akalp

EP 128: Mompreneur Monday with Nellie Akalp


Nellie’s amazing message is perfect for moms in all walks of life- but especially the mompreneurs out there listening!  It’s always inspiring to hear stories from women who have really conquered the world so to speak- and have tremendous knowledge to share with the rest of us!  Nellie is and has been an entrepreneur, along with her husband, for their entire marriage.

They created a successful company in the 90’s, and proceeded to sell it for 20 million dollars. Too young and energetic to retire, they decided to start again and create another successful business, this time in the social media age!

Nellie talks a lot about how she gets it all done, what her kids expect from she and her husband (it might surprise you) and how she deals with mom guilt!

This is a great one for the aspiring entrepreneur, or someone seasoned and needing a little pick me up!

Thanks Nellie for your words of wisdom!

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