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EP 129: Simplifying Your Plan with Emily Ley, Author of Grace, Not Perfection

EP 129: Simplifying Your Plan with Emily Ley, Author of Grace, Not Perfection


emilyplannerEmily not only has a thriving business but a thriving family as well! Emily is a mom of three including a set of twins after struggling for years with infertility.

Not only has she had a journey growing her amazing family, she has also taken baby steps to grow her incredible business into what it is now. She had to throw “planning” out the window at a certain point in her story, against her nature to constantly plan- and the fact that her job was literally to make planners.


Emily is truly a sweet person and you’ll adore every moment of this episode. So easy to talk to, so inspiring and she really brings home all the feelings that come with being a devoted mother who is also devoted to her business.

Emily is also the author of Grace Not Perfection, which really sums up the struggle we all feel when it comes to being “perfect parents” or “perfect business owner” or really- perfect ANYTHING!

I always have guests appear in my life right when I need them- which I consider a huge bonus of what I do- but I am always happy to share these messages and moments with the rest of you!

Thank you Emily for reminding me to give grace to myself, my family and my calling!

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 How to Simplify your plan

How to give yourself grace as a new mom- adjusting your schedule and your plan and not expecting yourself to be perfect! Click to hear our interview with Author Emily Ley on her journey as a twin mom!

The twin plan- adjusting your life for twins- twin schedules- listen to this episode of the Marvelous Moms Club podcast to hear how Emily Ley handed newborn twins! Grace Not Perfection with Author Emily Ley



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