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EP 132: Doing A LOT With a Little with Rhonna Farrer of Rhonna’s Designs

EP 132: Doing A LOT With a Little with Rhonna Farrer of Rhonna’s Designs


You know those days as a mom when you are just melting into the floor in despair because you can’t handle one more thing? The days you realize maybe you’ve taken on too much and need to quit it all just to be able to be the perfect mother? I know you’ve felt that way- whether or not you work or just take on a lot of extra responsibilities in your community, church, etc. The day I sat down to chat with Rhonna was one of those days for me. I had met her once before but it was an instant love, an immediate connection that I was BEYOND grateful to have. I knew before we even got Skype to work that it was going to lift my burden just to talk to her. And of course- she said all the right things and never once made me feel bad for feeling bad!

As she went on to share some incredible, uplifting stories, she warmed my heart even more and helped me see that there is hope beyond my bad days.

Rhonna is famous for her incredible app- Rhonna Designs. It’s been one of the most popular apps in the app store for three years now, and will change. your. life! She’s SO talented and has evolved with her field even before it was ready to evolve. Basically she was a pioneer of digital media, online scrapbooking and frankly- doing a LOT with a little.family2

In an era where it feels like we need ALL the things to be successful, this episode will ground you and help you to realize what is most important, how to make your dreams come true no matter what your circumstance- and it will just leave you feeling AWESOME.

Rhonna is by far one of the wisest, sweetest women I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and I can’t wait for you to get to know her more through this episode! Thank you for sharing your heart with us you beautiful woman!


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