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EP 134: The Purposeful Housewife- Allie Cassazza

EP 134: The Purposeful Housewife- Allie Cassazza


Cfam-90The internet is amazing friends- it makes it possible to make friends literally ANYWHERE in the world. And I didn’t need to look far to find Allie- she’s raising an adorable family in Arkansas, and I only stumbled upon her thanks to a blog post of hers that went viral recently. You’ve probably heard about her, or read about her rather. She solved every moms problem with her article, and I felt all the good feelings while chatting with her! I was literally thinking to myself the other day how much I hate picking up after my kids. How I know they can learn to pick up after themselves and it’s an every day battle- but in the mean time I’m stuck doing it.  Allie had the same moment in her motherhood and stopped to problem solve rather than do what most of us do- follow the same pattern expecting a different result. She realized that the things she was cleaning up every day were her kids toys- and they had way too many of them. So she started on a path that led her to clearing out not only a toy haul, but all the clutter that inundated her life! It left her so bored that she had to change a few things in their family…and you’ll have to listen to find out what I’m talking about!

Enjoy this awesome episode with Allie- who I had a serious mom connection with and hope to keep on my radar for a long time! She knows her stuff, she gets it and I just really like her. You will too- promise. Keep up with her here:

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Also- from Allie’s super cool bookshelf:

How to Stop cleaning up after your kids


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