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EP 138: Healthy Hustlin’ with Shelly Robinson

EP 138: Healthy Hustlin’ with Shelly Robinson



Can we all just state the obvious- that I’m the LUCKIEST girl in the world to get to chat with amazing women who also enrich my life with information?

Shelly gave me such an incredible gift a few months ago when she did a health coaching call with me. It was right after that I decided to just get my act together and get my thyroid checked. Since I did have some irregularity it changed my whole life to be able to get the medication I needed to take the right steps towards overall health.

I love what Shelly says about the group she’s creating:
“Whether you’re building an empire, birthing a biz on the side, part of an amazing network marketing company, or looking for support on how to raise a healthier family, consider this your new (online) family. My goal is to provide you with daily resources that will help you stop putting yourself last and start putting your health first, so you can live the life of your dreams. I believe you CAN have it all and I’m here to show you how one baby step at a time.”

Shelly is so easy to talk to and listen to and I know you’ll enjoy today’s episode with her! Thank you Shelly!

Keep up with her here:

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