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EP 141: Bring on the Rain!

EP 141: Bring on the Rain!


Today’s episode is all me, your host, Kirsten (you know me, right?) sending my voice into cyberspace for you to listen. I’m sharing some pretty personal stuff about what life is looking like for me right now and how so many bumps and bruises have led me to a GLORIOUS rainfall! I used to hate rain…ok I still kind of hate rain. I’m a summer soul, born in June and I love the sunshine. Gloomy skies mean gloomy moods for me. So thankfully the rain I’m speaking of is hypothetical, and the best type of rain anyone can hope for. The rain of abundance. After spending a year working harder than I’ve ever worked, I am reaping some amazing rewards and I wanted to share that with you!

It’s only fair to get to hear the good stuff, after sharing some of the struggle along the way, right?

I don’t know that I’ve ever talked this long on my own without a guest, so I hope it proves how much I had in my heart to share! I’ve tried to record this a few times and today it flowed freely.

So enjoy, find some inspiration (I hope) and peace, knowing that all hard work pays off!

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