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EP 142: Bucket List Goals with Jessica Gee

EP 142: Bucket List Goals with Jessica Gee


Have I mentioned before how excited I am to have the means and time to travel the world? We’re getting closer every day, and talking to people who are actually doing it keeps my fire lit!

I had the chance to sit down with Jessica Gee from The Bucket List Family months ago while she was in Turkey! I was so pleasantly surprised to see how normal she and her family are, in spite of their extraordinary lifestyle!IMG_5429

I was so inspired by Jessica and her family, as well as so impressed about how they spread their happiness with others. They are such a service oriented family and are spreading goodness all around the globe. Jessica and I talked about what it has been like traveling the world with two young children, and what she’s looking forward to when they take a break from their travels.

IMG_2222 2

Thank you for taking time between ocean dives and safaris to chat with me Jessica! It was so fun! Maybe not as fun as this picture below, but REALLY close to it :).


Try if you dare, to keep up with this amazing family in all these places:

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