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EP 144: From Milk to Millions with PJ Jonas of Goat Milk Stuff

EP 144: From Milk to Millions with PJ Jonas of Goat Milk Stuff

“If I can put the right books in front of them, the whole world is open.” – PJ Jonas

PJ was such a fun guest and I am thrilled to share her episode and inspiring story with you all!

PJ is the mother of 8 children that are all homeschooled and help run the family business. They work on a goat farm that produces amazing products from the goat milk they have in excess. PJ transitioned to a natural and organic life for her kids and wanted to feed raw goat milk to her children.  The very act of having the animals added to their homeschool experience and family environment. Realizing the goat milk could be used for more than just consumption, PJ started down a path that has completely changed her life!

What began as having a few dairy goats turned into a full fledged million dollar business that ships goat milk based products all over the country!

I loved how she talked about opportunity cost and the value of doing things you should be doing can sacrifice time spent on something actually worthwhile or beneficial! So many nuggets of info here, and that was one that especially stood out.

Listen to her episode to hear the whole story! It was so great to chat with PJ about her life. Head to GOAT MILK STUFF  to get your soaps!

Thank you PJ for being a marvelous mom and for sharing your story with all of us! It was so inspiring and fun to listen to!

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