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EP 145: The Sanctification of Motherhood with Melanie Burk

EP 145: The Sanctification of Motherhood with Melanie Burk

Melanie is an amazing wife and mother who cherishes her role and lives to magnify her God given talents! Listen to her episode at


Melanie is one of those girls who you talk to an instantly feel at ease. She gets motherhood- you know? Really gets it. She is so fun to follow on Instagram because she has these adorable perfect dimples, and four kids who are just as cute!  She and I chatted a lot about motherhood and what it looks like today. The expectations, the highs and lows, all of it. She sees this journey for what it is- a sanctifying process that really makes us amazing. She also shares how she’s realized the power of magnifying and sharing our talents- not only for our children but for ourselves. As we continue to grow as women, we have so much to share and offer to our children and to the world. I loved everything about this episode, and am so happy to share it with you all!

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