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EP 147: Eating Clean and Cooking Dirty with Samantha Rodgers

EP 147: Eating Clean and Cooking Dirty with Samantha Rodgers


Hey everyone! Today is a great one for all you foodies or moms wanting a little reset on your eating routine. I love Sam’s tag line- you can’t eat clean without getting dirty!

If you think about it, most convenient food isn’t messy. We gravitate to fast food and easy meals to prevent further work in the kitchen. Raise your hand if you’ve ever ordered in just because you CANNOT do another dish. My hand is up.

I love stories that include someone finding silver lining in a hard situation. Sam had major digestive issues for most of her life, and as she got to the bottom of what was causing it, she developed a way to eat. And it hasn’t only benefited her, but those around her and anyone who wants to take advantage of her research and planning!

Tune in to listen to more and get started with Sam’s meal planning subscription to help you make meal time healthy and easy!

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