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EP 148: Sewing a Future with Jenny Wecker of Fawn Design

EP 148: Sewing a Future with Jenny Wecker of Fawn Design

Hey everyone! Today’s episode comes from the founder and CEO of Fawn Design bags, Jenny Wecker! You probably already love her bags, and her interview will make you love the story behind them!

Jenny has two adorable girls. Georgia is almost two and June is nearing 10 months! Not only does she take care of two young children, she also runs her business full time. She’s the type of mom who proves you can accomplish huge things while still being an amazing mom.

She started sewing when she was five years old and always knew she was supposed to do something important with her creative side. Listen to Jenny’s story and you’ll realize that while your goals are definitely achievable, getting to the point of crazy success isn’t easy and takes time, dedication, and faith in yourself.

Keep up with Jenny and her company here:

Fawn Design // Facebook // Instagram 


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