EP 149: Creating Confident Moms with Lindsey Shipley of Lactation Link

This is Lindsey Shipley. She is an RN, international board certified lactation consultant, childbirth educator, and mom of two.

Her son Brody is 5, and her daughter Joslyn is 3!

Based in Lehi, Utah, Lindsey runs Lactation Link. She uses her education and experience to help other moms gain confidence with breastfeeding. There are so many things that new moms have to stress over and worry about, and she doesn’t want breastfeeding to be one of them! “I didn’t like seeing that uncertainty and that fear in their eyes. I wanted to replace that with confidence and know-how.”


Along with being having tons of experience in the childbearing and breastfeeding world, Lindsey has dealt with another of life’s greatest challenges. Listen to this episode to hear more about one of the hardest parts of her life.

“I never saw this coming my way… it really shook me.”

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