EP 155: The Positive Life with Jen Hardy of Chronically Positive Mom

I’m so excited about my interview with Jen Hardy. She has seven kids ranging from ages 5-27. For the past few years, Jen’s chronic sickness has made mothering even more challenging than usual.

Some of her older kids had to almost completely take over the housekeeping in their teens, and the younger ones rely on their dad to get some much-needed physical activity and exercise.

At one point, Jen realized there wasn’t anywhere for moms like herself to come together for support and advice. So, she created that community herself with her blog, Chronically Positive Mom. She also runs a Facebook support group.

Jen’s new book “The Sick Mom’s Guide to Having Fun Again: If I can do it, you can too!” comes out on June 23rd. Check it out in the links at the bottom of this page!


Here are the links to Jen’s community:

Instagram // Jen’s Book // FB Support Group // Twitter