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EP 158: Beauty Through Horrific Trials with Chelsea Andersen

EP 158: Beauty Through Horrific Trials with Chelsea Andersen


Chelsea Andersen is mother to four kids. Her oldest son is in his early 20s and this episode focuses a little bit on a trial they went through with him as a family! Even when things seem horrible, it is possible to find beauty in everything.

I love this episode because Chelsea and her husband managed to include their entire family in overcoming a significant trial with their oldest son. The evils of pornography snuck their way into his life, and I know many of us would feel as though we needed to keep it a secret from the rest of our kids. However, I firmly believe that because they were all in it together, her son was able to rise above temptation relatively quickly! Family is so important and they are here to help us with our struggles in life. Why not for our personal weaknesses as well?


Chelsea said she’s older than most of the women on my Podcast, but you wouldn’t believe it cause look how young and beautiful she looks!

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