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EP 165: Trusting Your Body with Michelle Kelsch

EP 165: Trusting Your Body with Michelle Kelsch

   This episode is for athletes, couch potatoes, fitness junkies, and Netflix addicts alike! I’m excited about this because it made ME feel motivated to take better care of my body. This is Michelle Kelsch, owner of Movara Fitness Resort here in Southern Utah.

How often do we set aside our own needs to focus on caring for our kids and husband? Do we sometimes forget that they’re called NEEDS for a reason? I think we could all use a reminder that we can’t expect to take good care of our families if our own bodies are lacking the care and attention they need and deserve.

I love this episode because it’s such a good reminder that exercise doesn’t have to be a brutal workout, or even going to the gym every single day. It’s important to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine in such a way that you don’t dread the thought of simply getting out of bed to exercise!

I hope you feel as pumped up as I do after listening. Actually I KNOW you will!

See what Michelle’s up to in the links below:

Facebook // Movara Website // Instagram


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  • Hi there!!! I am a stay at home marine wife and mom to 2 small children. My husband is deployed and I am also a online college student. My plate is full! This is what I needed to hear today. To take care of myself is not selfish and I need to do it to better take care of everyone else. I appreciate this podcast so much and tell all my other mom friends! Thank you!


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