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EP 178: No Stranger to Loss with Dena Elicio

EP 178: No Stranger to Loss with Dena Elicio


If you like positive people (don’t we all?) you’ll love Dena! Like Aubrey from last week’s episode, Dena suffered the loss of a child when she delivered a stillborn baby. She’s also recently lost several other close family members, so she is no stranger to loss.

I’ve never been through quite these kinds of experiences, but I know many people have, so I hope you can find the strength to be positive through your own trials, whatever they may be!

You can follow Dena here:

Personal Instagram // The Three Ginger Snaps


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  • Dena you are such an inspiration to me! I remember that Day very clearly and the way you and Mike got through it was so amazing! Little Regan is so blessed to have you as her Mom! I love you!!!


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