EP 187: Cookies, Diva Cups and Home Births with Erin Wilkins


Erin has been a friend of mine thanks to Periscope for nearly three years now. I have adored her since her first live stream and have thankfully kept up with her this entire time on social media. She is a wealth of knowledge as a nurse and a mother. And girls- she can bake a MEAN batch of cookies! I’m posting the recipe below cuz it’s like kind of a big deal.

Erin enriches the internet space by sharing so much knowledge to women trying to navigate life with their bodies, motherhood, birth and everything in between. She is a loving advocate for natural birth but is supportive of women however they choose to bring their children into the world.  If you follow her in any capacity I can guarantee your confidence level in life will increase because knowledge is SO much power!

Erin also shares her near drowning experience and what it taught her about life and what ran through her mind when she thought she might be in her last moments.

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Cookie recipe:





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