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EP 190: The Mommy Behind Mommi- Erin Schurtz

EP 190: The Mommy Behind Mommi- Erin Schurtz

Erin- I owe you one girl- because you are a saint! Erin was kind enough to let me interview her TWICE because our first interview from almost two years ago was corrupted! Here we are now though- sharing this fantastic interview with you! Erin is a mother I look up to SO much! She’s not only a military wife, the most PATIENT mother I’ve ever seen in action but she’s also an entrepreneur and the creator of MOMMI- with the most amazing healthy offerings for moms!

In this episode we’re talking all about what life was like with the announcement of each pregnancy that always synced up with an announcement for her husband’s deployment- and the funny moment I got to witness in Hawaii! You’ll fall in love with Erin- TRUST ME!

Check out this episode- and go to Erin’s site- MOMMI  t to get 20% off your first order using code MMC!

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