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EP 198: Together Unplugged with Julie Ball

EP 198: Together Unplugged with Julie Ball

Julie is someone I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of years ago at a business retreat- and we both had booths next to each other as part of the event. I learned all about her business model and was blown away by what she created.

A subscription box for mompreneurs who are hustlin’ hard is genius- and in every box you’ll get amazing items that will help you in your endeavors to grow a business while still taking care of yourself!

Even more exciting (for this audience perhaps) is the spinoff company that was created by she and her husband- Together Unplugged. A subscription box to help families connect through the fun of playing games!

I love a mom who uses her talents to bless the lives of other momma’s and Julie has done just that!

Adding some sparkle to your hustle is her speciality- and you can get your first box by clicking below!

Kirsten Tyrrel: Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of Marvelous Moms. I’m so excited about this one. I mean, honestly, I get excited for every single episode, ’cause I don’t bring people on here who I don’t wanna talk to and who I don’t wanna share with you, but really today, this is a friend that I made a year and a half-ish ago, right?

Julie Ball: Right.

Kirsten Tyrrel: It’s been a long time.

Julie Ball: It’s been a while.

Kirsten Tyrrel: It has been a while. And recently we’ve just kind of reconnected, we’ve been friends on social media, I’ve seen what she’s been doing and she’s been seeing what I’ve been doing. She was actually recently a sponsor for the Glow Conference that I put on and she provided amazing stuff for the swag bags and for our speakers. So before I go too far into a super long description of our friendship, which we’re gonna talk about for the next 20-30 minutes, this is my guest, Julie Ball, and she’s from Sparkle Hustle Grow, a subscription box for female entrepreneurs, and she’s doing a whole bunch of other things. So I’m super excited to have you on here. Thanks for being here today, Julie.

Julie Ball: Thanks. It is my pleasure for sure.

Kirsten Tyrrel: Awesome. So we met at the Boss Mom Retreat in 2017, right?

Julie Ball: Uh-huh.

Kirsten Tyrrel: Yeah, 2017.

Julie Ball: I think it was, right?

Kirsten Tyrrel: I think so, ’cause yeah, we just had 2018. We can do math, we’re smart women.


Julie Ball: Yeah, It was at the Boss Mom Retreat. No matter which one it was, it was one of the Boss Mom Retreats, which is one of the events that I look back at all the time and I’m like, “Man, I met the best women there, and I still maintain these great friendships and business relationships with.”

Kirsten Tyrrel: Yeah, that’s the power of events you guys, especially ones like that where there’s such a collaborative space, ’cause you even had a booth. We both… That’s kind of how we even got to talk more. You had a booth for Sparkle Hustle Grow, and I had a booth for makeup and so we were right next to each other and able to talk about our businesses a little bit more. And you have since really exploded and I love what you’re doing, and I got to have one of your boxes because you did sponsor the Glow event and provide some amazing stuff for us. But I wanna give people a little bit of background of you as a mom, and then maybe the backstory of your business. So tell us about your family situation.

Julie Ball: Yeah, so I am married to my husband Kenny of 10 years, we’re celebrating 10 years this year.

Kirsten Tyrrel: Congratulations.

Julie Ball: It’s a big deal, and we have a seven-year-old daughter, McKenna, and we involve her in all of the business sides of our family life. It’s so interesting how things have changed. I was a corporate ladder climber for quite a while, and then when we found out that I was pregnant, my mindset shifted immediately, and I was like, “Alright, this is my exit strategy.” And for me, I don’t know about you, but I feel like I always need a goal, a reason to do something big that’s scary, and this was definitely big and scary because all my life and all of my schooling had been leading me in this one particular path, and then we’re expecting and I’m like, “Okay, we’re taking a different path.”

Julie Ball: So I took a huge leap of faith, and after my maternity leave I left corporate America to freelance. I have a background in web marketing. And we didn’t know if it was gonna last… If this side gig was gonna last three months, three years, three days, it was just that leap of faith that we knew we needed to take. I was lucky enough that my husband had a stable full-time job that gave us a little bit of that flexibility, but let’s be honest, in this day and age, a lot of times, we need to be a double income family, especially when there’s a mortgage to be paid. So I put some pressure on myself to make it work, and yeah, I definitely don’t regret it, and here we are. That was 2011, and I’ve had a lot of wins and a lot of losses since then, as far as making it work for our family. So yeah, that’s where we’re at today, and it’s a very different picture than it was when I first launched back in 2011.

Kirsten Tyrrel: Yeah, I bet it is. And that’s the best thing about entrepreneurship, right? It never stays the same, it’s never exactly what you set out to do. It always turns into something bigger and better, and you learn so many things along the way that turn it into a magical success potion, essentially. [chuckle]

Julie Ball: It’s so true. Yeah.

Kirsten Tyrrel: Which is what you feel like you have now. And from the outside looking in, it’s like, “Oh, she came up with the best idea. That’s so lucky,” and it’s like, “Oh, I actually started at Ground Zero, bottom of the barrel, trying to work my way up from literally no awareness of what I was actually supposed to put out into the world.” So that’s a journey, right?

Julie Ball: So true, yeah, definitely, it was not an overnight success.

Kirsten Tyrrel: Yeah, nothing ever is.

Julie Ball: I know.

Kirsten Tyrrel: And I love to… And this makes so much sense why you are a part of the Boss Mom community, because really, over there, there’s so many women who are growing families and businesses at the same time. And so it makes complete sense that your business, your entrepreneurial streak was born at the same time of becoming a mother. And I love that I was the same way in slightly different regard, where I decided to go back to school. I was like, “You know, I’m kind of bored. I’m gonna go finish my college degree now that I’m finally a mom.” I was dying to be a mom and thought that that would be the complete end all be all for me. Once I’m a mom then I’ll be happy. The age old “once I have this, then… ” And so I was happy, I loved being a mom, and I just needed something that was I guess harder, more challenging. I don’t know, we’re like a weird breed of human being, I think.


Kirsten Tyrrel: Whatever, but I think it’s a good sign. Those are the hustlers, the people who put really good stuff out into the world. So tell me about the evolution. Did you start out doing subscription boxes or did it evolve into that? Tell me how it grew.

Julie Ball: So I started out doing… Creating a web marketing agency, and of course that agency, I put in quotes, was just me at first. Before I had McKenna, I had finished my Master’s Degree in Internet Marketing, and with that training, and with the experience from my corporate career, I knew all I needed was an Internet connection and I could do work, I could make an impact on people’s businesses. And so I started out by focusing on local businesses and I wanted to do SEO because that was fun for me. I’m kind of a nerd in that respect, but it was also something that a lot of local people where I lived didn’t know how to do. There weren’t agencies serving the small businesses, and it didn’t take long for me to figure out why. It was because it’s very hard to optimize hand built websites that look really, really bad. You can optimize them, but once they get there, nothing’s gonna happen because the websites were so bad. And that’s normal. If you’re a small business, you might not have a big budget, you try to build it yourself.

Julie Ball: And so I started learning WordPress. So I’m self-taught. And I would go in and I’d say, “Okay, I can give you a beautiful brand new website that’s also optimized.” And so that business started growing, and I hired some other staff. I had a copywriter, a photographer, and a graphic designer on staff. So we were this all-female web marketing agency and we were serving mostly female entrepreneurs, because that’s what lit us up, that’s what got us super excited, and that’s where we felt we could do our best work. And so that was going really, really well. And they were contract workers but we positioned ourselves as an agency because we were full service.

Julie Ball: And then in 2016 we moved from Charlotte to Asheville, North Carolina, and so I found myself in a new place. And we loved it, we wanted to move to the mountains. It was very intentional, but I didn’t have any community. I didn’t know anybody. And it takes time to make new friends. And so I was getting a little antsy behind the screen, a little lonely, started really seeking out the community of these Facebook groups, like Boss Moms and several others. And as part of that, I was like, I’m kind of like you, like, “I’m kinda bored. I’ve got this challenge in front of me, but what’s next? What can I do next?” And I love getting happy mail and I love sending happy mail, because I know people really enjoy getting mail. And so I started talking to my husband about the subscription box industry and how I thought it was a really interesting business, and maybe there was something that we could do together. And we started talking about maybe some sort of regional box but with local Asheville artists and makers.

Julie Ball: And then I thought to myself, “You know what, that’s not low-hanging fruit. I don’t really know anybody that I could immediately market this to. But I’m already involved in a lot of communities and have a lot of friends and colleagues that are female entrepreneurs.” And then I thought, “Well I could just market to them, give them what they need, and it’s pretty much gonna be what I need ’cause I’m a female entrepreneur as well.” And so long story short, I looked back at my finances to see what I as a boss lady was spending money on, and it was a lot of books. I read, read, read a lot of books, online trainings, and then office supplies. And when I say office supplies, I don’t mean just basic black pen; something inspirational, colorful, bright, that makes me want to fill my office with beautiful things and inspire me. And so that’s how I came up with the concept, and thought If I put those in a box and sent them every single month, they might have legs. And I went through the whole thing, went through the pre-launch, did a pre-sale, and it was the end of 2016, three months in, when I hit 100 subscribers. And that was a big milestone for me, where I was like, “Okay, this is legs, I’m gonna pursue it.

Kirsten Tyrrel: That’s awesome. Wow, I love it. And I also love the indicator, the three months in, because a lot of people would quit in less than three months, like, “Oh, month one, only five people subscribed to my box,” but my husband and I say that all the time, you’ve got to give it at least 90 days to know if you have something that’s viable to take it forward.

Julie Ball: Well, anything, really.

Kirsten Tyrrel: Yeah, seriously.

Julie Ball: A marketing tactic, like if you’re trying Facebook ads, or If you’re trying, if you’re doing SEO, that stuff takes time.

Kirsten Tyrrel: Right, right, it absolutely does. So obviously, you’re a smart business owner and you knew that. And then it’s just exploded from there, and now you’ve got something that is being featured in magazines and you guys are growing even more. And so then, what was the next step from there? Because I know that’s not where it ended.

Julie Ball: Yeah, the next step was I went to the Boss Mom Retreat and that’s where I really got a ton of validation from colleagues. I got a lot of great business advice and things that… Some advice that I was able to implement immediately, one of which being a referral program, and that really started the kind of that snowball effect, where women were starting to tell their colleagues about it, and I was finally able to get outside of my own network and reach additional people. Fast forward to the nine-month mark, and we had experienced a ton of very fast growth, and it was able to replace my full-time income with my agency. And I had to, at that point, make some shifts where I no longer was taking agency work. Fast forward another year and I have shut down that agency and focus full-time on Sparkle Hustle Grow, and have become also a coach for other subscription box business owners, whether they have an idea and want to launch one or whether they’re ready to scale. So I have a group coaching program that I spend a lot of time in, so that’s kind of where I’m at now. I know that’s skipped over a lot, but…

Kirsten Tyrrel: No, that’s great.

Julie Ball: That’s kind of what’s led me to where I am at now.

Kirsten Tyrrel: I love it, and it’s kind of like, I don’t wanna say the typical journey, because it’s not, nothing’s typical, but it’s such a beautiful journey to what I said. In 2011, you had no idea you’d be coaching people on how to do subscription boxes, because did they even exist in 2011? It wasn’t even a thing.

Julie Ball: They did, but yeah, but it was the big boxes, you know what I mean?

Kirsten Tyrrel: Right.

Julie Ball: Literally like the FabFitFuns and the BarkBoxes and those big ones, Stitch Fix, the ones that I all look up to. And now anyone can start their own subscription box business.

Kirsten Tyrrel: Yeah, I’ve definitely had some ideas of my own, so I think…

Julie Ball: Nice.

Kirsten Tyrrel: It’s just great, though, because a lot of women wanna start businesses. They find themselves in the same situation where they’re about to start a family and they wanna still contribute income, or maybe they weren’t even working before, but they just get a little bit stuck in motherhood and they want to find a way to make an impact and feel like a human being still and have an identity outside of just the mom title. And a lot of times people won’t even start because they think they need to have the whole path laid out and they need to know what they’re gonna do now, what they’re gonna do in a year, what they’re gonna do in six years. There’s no possible way to know because we started out selling stuff on Amazon and now we’re doing complete like not even in the same realm or universe of what we started out doing. So I love your evolution story and I think it’s great that you’re helping people. And that’s where you get into the generational impact. That’s when you help other people to replicate your success and more things get out into the world that never would have made their way out had they not been able to find you as a coach to help them do that. So I think… I love it. I love your journey.

Julie Ball: Thank you.

Kirsten Tyrrel: It’s so exciting. And not only that, you’re also starting something else this year, which is happening in September. [chuckle]

Julie Ball: Yes, I…

Kirsten Tyrrel: Talk about that.

Julie Ball: I just… Every time I hear my subscribers ask for something or say, “Oh, I really love this,” or if something was a huge impact in my own journey, I wanna put that in my own business model. So having said that, we are launching our first annual retreat. It’s called the Work Hard Play Hard Retreat. And it’s simply because in-person events had played such a massive, massive role in the growth of my business and the growth of my network, and just meeting all these amazing women. And so it just made sense for us to do that as well. And so what’s different about our event is that it is a mix of work and play, because when people say hustle, it… I love the word hustle, but I think it’s sometimes looked at the wrong way. It doesn’t have to be all work all the time. We need to make sure we’re having fun and relax sometimes, take it easy, give yourself a break, but also become part of a community, something bigger. So at the Work Hard Play Hard Retreat, it’s gonna be at the end of September this year, 2019, in Riviera Maya, Mexico, at an all-inclusive resort. So we are ready to get spoiled.

Kirsten Tyrrel: That’s so fun.

Julie Ball: Yes. [chuckle]

Kirsten Tyrrel: I love it. I love it so much. I was just in Mexico for spring break, and it truly is going to be a majestic experience for everybody who gets to go.

Julie Ball: Yes.

Kirsten Tyrrel: And you guys listening, you can go to this. This is something that’s not exclusive just to her subscribers, although I do recommend becoming a subscriber and treating yourself, especially if you’re a female entrepreneur. But we’re gonna talk about another box option that she has as well that she’s done with her husband, but this sounds so fun and I… Honestly, guys, I will testify to that. There is something powerful about getting in an environment surrounded by like-minded people who are doing… Even if they’re not doing the exact same things you’re doing, they’re in the same mindset. They have big dreams, they have big goals. It’s inspiring. It’s educational. You could be doing a subscription box business, go to a retreat like this with somebody who runs a completely different business model, like they have… Gosh, I’m trying to… Like they’re a network marketer or something, and you’re gonna get ideas in your business from them, even though it has nothing to do with your business model. There’s just so much that you can learn and there’s so much you gain from getting in front of those people and having relationships with people who are there to support you. It’s just… So I’m really excited that you’re doing something live. I think there is so much power in those live events.

Julie Ball: Yeah. And not only all those great things that you said, but also the content that we’re gonna deliver. We all have two days of the conference, and the first day will be a lot of motivation and then a lot of learning, but then the second day is doing. So we’re actually gonna take the concepts that we’re learning about on the first day and actually gonna put them into place the second day. We’re doing… We’re gonna have a video studio on site, we’re gonna do head-shots. I mean, there are so many things that they’re gonna walk away with, and they won’t walk away feeling overwhelmed with their to-do list, because they’ll have accomplished so much at this event.

Kirsten Tyrrel: Yeah. Oh, I love that. I’m on the same page with you. I just did the Glow event and that was our goal. It was like, “Don’t just come and be overwhelmed. Come with the inspiration and then go forward with a plan to conquer your business and to make a real difference and to do things a little bit differently.” So I love it and I think it’s gonna be super, super amazing for everybody, including you. It’s such a fun thing as an entrepreneur to put on something like this and really make that impact and create a space like this. It’s very rewarding, and I’m excited for you to go through that whole experience. I think it’s gonna be super fun.

Julie Ball: Thanks.

Kirsten Tyrrel: Okay, so I have… Let’s talk a little bit about kind of the spin-off, the sister company that your husband has kind of headed up that you guys have that would be probably super intriguing to everybody listening to this episode.

Julie Ball: Yeah, absolutely. So it is called Together Unplugged, and it’s a monthly subscription box for families with kids aged five, six plus, to help them re-engage, unplug, and play together, and regain the quality time that so often is replaced by screen time these days. And so my husband is a former teacher, and he saw these trends happening in the classrooms, that the kids needed more attention, or they just… They didn’t have the social skills that they used to have. And while we’re not anti-tech or anti-smartphone, we use it for all of those things to help run our lives and for entertainment, all those things, we found that our own family was disengaging. It would be… We’d be sitting around each other but we wouldn’t be present with each other, because we’d be on our smartphones or our devices. And so the idea behind this box is to provide them with the resources. So you don’t have to do all the leg work, you don’t have to run to the store or get on Amazon and buy a new toy or a new game. We’re providing you with games, toys… Or not toys, but games and puzzles and activities. More like interactive things that you can do as a family to get off the screen.

Kirsten Tyrrel: I love it.

Julie Ball: Yeah, it’s awesome. And it’s more than just items. It’s also activities. We’re giving conversation starters, we’re telling you all these great silly holidays just to get to celebrate with your family, like National Cupcake Day, National Popcorn Day, and helping you find these things that you can connect with your kids on, because I feel like sometimes we don’t even know, as parents, how to connect now. And we’re guilty of it ourselves. There’s the, “How was school today?” that conversation, but we wanna deeper. And we found that some of our deepest and most interesting and telling conversations were happening over a basic puzzle, ’cause we’re all doing this mindless activity together. So…

Kirsten Tyrrel: Yeah, yeah.

Julie Ball: Yeah, that’s the idea, it’s

Kirsten Tyrrel: I love it. And actually that was… Even though I love you and I had you like on my radar, I was gonna interview you on the Kirsten Tyrell podcast eventually, once I saw Together Unplugged, it was like instantly, I’m like, “This needs to be on Marvelous Moms Club. People need this.” This is gonna be one of those things there’s people listening who are like, “Oh man, I was gonna do that, that’s such a good idea.” [chuckle] And you’ve done it and now it’s out there, and it’s something that I know that my audience is gonna benefit from. So please go check that out you guys. I think it’s such a fascinating idea. Here’s what I love about subscription boxes. We definitely subscribe to a few of them. My son gets a science one, I love treating myself with some. What I love is it’s something that really does kinda show up in the mail as a little surprise. And it’s a little… It gets you back on track to where maybe if you guys are starting to disconnect, by the time that next month rolls around, you’re gonna get that box, it’s gonna give you just right there, there’s no excuses left ’cause here it is in your hands, your opportunity to connect as a family, and here’s all these things. And your kids love, my kids love opening the mail.

Julie Ball: Oh yeah.

Kirsten Tyrrel: They open all kinds of mail they’re not supposed to open. And I mean, Amazon’s their best friend, they’re like, “Another box showed up.” I do admittedly have a problem lately with Amazon orders, but…

Julie Ball: Yeah, we all do.


Kirsten Tyrrel: But I love, I love, love, love that you’ve kinda taken it to that sister level of like you have this for the female entrepreneurs and now you have something for families, and it really does bring it full circle with kind of how you started out as a new mommy. So…

Julie Ball: Yeah, it has been really fun for our family.

Kirsten Tyrrel: I love it.

Julie Ball: Yeah, we’ve gotten McKenna involved in it as well. She is our official chief game tester. So everything has to be McKenna-approved. And as kids they’re naturally fearless, so she’s like, “I’ll do a video,” so we’ll jump on and do like an unboxing video, and everyone just says, “Oh my gosh, she’s so fun, she’s so good at the unboxing videos, and I’m like, “Man, we work so hard as adults to try and do a perfect video or a perfect post, and she’s teaching us nothing needs to be perfect, just to do it and have fun with it.

Kirsten Tyrrel: Yes, don’t over-complicate it, just do it. I love it, so awesome.

Julie Ball: It’s been great having her a part of it.

Kirsten Tyrrel: I love that she gets to be a part of it. I’m a huge fan of that. Honestly Marvelous Moms Club has been an evolution and we’re really shifting into a place of like… I think I started out with this theory of you can have it all, you can make your dreams come true, you can live a larger than life. And now, in the last few years, I’ve actually kind of built that, and it’s kind of being on the flip side, it’s not a theory anymore, it’s actual experience. And I know you understand this, that once you can get yourself into a life situation where you are able to have your family unit working as a whole, and I’m not saying everybody has to have their kids involved in their business, but once you have something that is so amazing that your kids could be a part of, and you’re able to support your family with an income that comes from something you’re passionate about, it’s something worth talking about. It’s something that everybody deserves to feel and know and have if that’s something they wanna feel and know and have. So I think that’s another reason you’re a great fit, because you’ve shown that it’s possible without having to just shuffle the kids to the side. They get to be a part of whatever you wanna do if that’s important to you. So I love it.

Julie Ball: Yeah, exactly.

Kirsten Tyrrel: I mean, I could basically answer this question for you based on that conversation we just had, but I’m still gonna ask it anyway, ’cause I ask everybody, two questions, actually. First, what are you reading right now? And the second, what makes you a marvelous mom?

Julie Ball: So reading, I’m always reading three, four, sometimes five books, because I’m on Audible. I like to read books for myself, but also we include a book in every single Sparkle Hustle Grow box. So I’m constantly on the lookout.

Kirsten Tyrrel: I love that.

Julie Ball: Yeah, so right now I’m reading Girl, Stop Apologizing, which was in our March…

Kirsten Tyrrel: I mean, who isn’t? [chuckle]

Julie Ball: Yeah, exactly, it was in our March box. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s by Rachel Hollis, our friend, and she was at your event. So it’s a really good book. It’s a shame-free plan for embracing and achieving your goals. So it just speaks to me and it speaks to my customers too. So I’m reading that and I’m reading Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick. I always like to have something that’s also light so it’s not all personal development all the time. And so reading that one by Anna Kendrick.

Kirsten Tyrrel: That’s awesome.

Julie Ball: And then your question about what makes me a marvelous mom? I’d like to think that I’m a good role model for her when it comes to making a career on your own terms, especially now that she’s been able to be a part of it and see a little bit more of behind the scenes. But I am very intentional about letting her see me when I fail. I let her see me cry, I tell her about… If I had a mean customer I’ll talk about it with her, or if I apply for something and didn’t get picked for it or… I just want her to see that I have these challenges, because she looks at me right now and she sees… She sees what she sees. She sees me as her mom, but also that we do a lot of sales and we have a lot of success, but I also want her to see that other side, because failure is normal. Failure has been a part of my journey a lot. The first… I created an e-book while I was running my agency and I sold one to my neighbor. I mean, let’s be real, we all have these failures. [chuckle]

Kirsten Tyrrel: Yeah, we do, we do.

Julie Ball: So I like to tell her in-depth about that stuff, because it lets her open up to me. Like if I tell her I had a mean customer behind a screen and then we talk about how easy it is to be someone else when you’re on a computer, and it doesn’t give you the right to act like that, and you should still be authentic and true and treat people the way you wanna be treated. But then it opens the door to tell her… Or for her to tell me, “Yeah, such and such was kinda mean on the playground today.” And it just opens that conversation up where we’re on the same playing field.

Kirsten Tyrrel: I love it. I think that’s such a good example you can set. I know I’ve talked about this maybe before on it’s important for me that my kids see me cry sometimes, because they need to know that I’m a human being, and even sometimes the way they are acting is what’s making me cry, [chuckle] and they need to understand the cause and effect, like just because I’m your mom doesn’t mean you can’t hurt my feelings. So I think, I think it’s really powerful to show them, that song is coming into my head, “I’m only human.” It’s true, they need to see us as individual human beings, and it just helps them to connect as human beings with us. So I think that’s great, I love that, I love that answer.

Julie Ball: Thank you.

Kirsten Tyrrel: Well, you are amazing and I’m so grateful that you’ve been on here and that you’ve shared your story. I think it’s inspiring, and I hope that it inspires everybody who listened. I hope that they will go check out at least one of your boxes. So where can they go, I know you kind of dropped the URLs before, but where’s the best overall hub? Should they follow you on Instagram, Facebook? Where is your favorite place to hang out?

Julie Ball: Yes, I hang out mostly at Sparkle Hustle Grow. We are on Instagram and Facebook, but I do have a website that’s just, and that’s a great place to start because it’ll direct you where you wanna go. If you wanna learn about my subscription box boot camp, it has a link. If you wanna learn about Sparkle Hustle Grow, it has a link. So that’s a great place to go.

Kirsten Tyrrel: Okay, and I will link to all of these in the show notes.

Julie Ball: Okay.

Kirsten Tyrrel: We’ll see what we can do about getting you guys some really, really amazing deals on maybe boxes or her boot camp or something like that.

Julie Ball: Yes, definitely.

Kirsten Tyrrel: So go check out the show notes and see what we have got for you and we will see you guys on the next episode. Thank you so much, Julie, you are amazing.

Julie Ball: Oh, thank you, I appreciate it.


Kirsten Tyrrel: Thank you so much for listening to this episode. If you wanna take action right now, you’re feeling inspired and you’re feeling enlightened, and you really wanna own this role as a marvelous mom, go to the website, and create your own personal marvelous mom’s manifesto. That is a tongue-twister., you go fill in some great information, and in the end, you’ll have a beautiful manifesto to display where only you can see or the whole family can see, where you can really, really own your role as a marvelous mom and step inside those goals and those ambitions and dreams that you have to become an even more marvelous mom to your beautiful family. So again,, we will see you over there.

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