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Ep 20: “I’ll Always Go to Bat For My Kids”- with Beth Olsen

Ep 20: “I’ll Always Go to Bat For My Kids”- with Beth Olsen


Beth is a long time friend, and someone who before she even know who I was, was a person I admired. She has always had such a beautiful energy and spirit and on top of that, she’s a radiant beauty. (She had those killer eyelashes long before you could go get fake ones, and is the reason people get them- to have killer eyes like her).  I knew she’s be an incredible mom, and I was right. I can still remember when we both had a paper route and I would see cute Beth and her husband Jeff loading up their car with a sleeping baby in the back seat. The epitome of hard workers and devoted parents, they have always stunned me with their enthusiasm for everything they do and the overwhelmingly sweet love they have for each other. I got to see their love story begin and even sang at their wedding.  Since then life has taken us miles apart but she’s just one of those friends who you talk to and it’s like not an hour has passed. I feel very lucky to call her a friend!

Beth is the mother of four beautiful perfect children (I can say they’re perfect right?) and she may not remember saying this to me once but when she gushed over having a son and how she loved that he was her “little boyfriend” I knew I was in for great things as I was expecting my first son. The love she had for her little boy was contagious and some of her words have carried me through some very hard days.  That and telling me “You have faith and work hard to build this family. Make sacrifices and know that this is the most important thing you will ever do, and the Lord takes care of the rest. He blesses you SO much in so many ways!” Or something to that affect, I’m a mom guys I can’t remember verbatim 6 years later but that was the message, and I internalized it. I’ve thought about it during many struggles and long nights. So thank you Beth, for those words I love you forever!

Beth and her family have worked hard to make life wonderful for each of their children, but especially their oldest son Garrett who was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome at the age of 4. Now almost 5 years later, her efforts have gone above and beyond and she truly exhibits all the qualities of a marvelous mom. For that reason I’m sharing some of her story with you!

Books Beth Recommended:

The Child Whisperer – Carol Tuttle

Which is part of the Live Your Truth Collection

Thank you Beth for all you brought to the show! I love you to pieces! XOXO

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