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EP 202: “Because I CAN!” with Alison Prince

EP 202: “Because I CAN!” with Alison Prince

Wow you guys, Alison is amazing! I was impressed just listening to her success as an entrepreneur and the businesses she’s created, but when I heard what she’s done with some of her kids, I was blown away! She has set the bar pretty high when it comes to setting your kids up for their own financial freedom. Don’t we all want the peace of mind of knowing our kids will be grow up and be able to make a living? Why not start them young?!

Listen to this episode to learn about how Alison challenged her daughters to use her formula for business which led to them making over $100,000! College is paid for, they are on their way to a life of entrepreneurial success and the BEST news is- Alison helps many more families with her program- 0-1ook. I’ve personally witnessed her success and know she KNOWS what she’s talking about. She’s inspired me SO much as a work from home mom with big dreams and if you’ve ever wondered- could I make money from home? This one is for you.

Find out how Alison turned trash into treasure and made her first successful business- and how she can help you do the same with your family! Why? Because you CAN!

You can find the master class that Alison mentions by clicking here. You can also find Alison on Instagram for inspiring content, and to follow her journey in her most recent move to Puerto Rico! Watch her IG takeover on MARVELOUS MOMS CLUB Instagram and enjoy her Jurrasic Park moment!

Welcome to the marvelous Mom’s Club podcast where you’ll be not only allowed but encouraged to during big dreams and imagine the very best future for yourself and your family. Throw away the expectations and perfection and embrace the messy beauty of what it means to be a marvelous mom.

I’m your host Kirsten Tyrrel and I can’t wait to help you discover what makes you marvelous.

Hey everybody. Welcome to today’s episode, I am really excited for this one. I feel like deep down, been anticipating this interview for a really long time, probably longer than you even realize, Alison, but I admire you and you’re just one of those people that it’s like a mythical creature you hear about it a lot and then you’re not sure it actually exists and then you meet it, you see it and you’re like, “You are real, you’re a real human. Please let me encounter your greatest… That is hilarious. Come on over cause you’ll find out the real me is just a hot mess in her pajamas just… Oh, go on, day-by-day.

We all though you just the difference between most of us in our homes, and pajama is that you’re accomplishing really, really huge things, which I’m so excited to share your back story. So before we jump in too much, you guys, this is Alison Prince the Alison Prince, if you don’t know who I’m talking about, pause and go Google her, because she is amazing and she’s so inspiring for the entrepreneurial-minded person like me who just wants to accomplish all my big goals and dreams and you have to find somebody to align yourself with you have to see that it’s happened for somebody and it’s kind of like that quasi-mentor, where you’re not talking to me all the time and mentoring me, but did you just need that paradigm shift of this exists here? Somebody who’s accomplished these kinds of things. I can do this too, and that’s kind of what you are to me, without you really probably even knowing it or being aware of it there’s small conversations we’ve had really impacted me in a big way, so I’m excited for everybody else to get to hear from you. So long-winded, welcome, thanks for being here Alison.

Yeah, it’s such a huge compliment. Thank you. sometimes you feel like you do at work, and now you’ve got this feeling that you’re supposed to be helping and serving other people, and then, sometimes Satan gets in your head or the dark gets in your head and so to be able to hear this just makes it so powerful. And so it keeps me going day after day, even with all the ugly trolls online. So I really appreciate you saying that.

Good, well, it’s good to hear it is true, it’s like good to know that you’re making a little bit of a dent, because a lot of times, what we do, it’s like motherhood too, right? It’s kind of thankless until way down the line and then your kids tell you something, and you’re like, “Oh my gosh, you were listening, you were paying attention, it did something, it wasn’t for nothing. So if you can get those little snippets along the way and I can give that to you in any form…

I’m very happy to be able to do that.

It’s funny, I actually have a nice folder where I screenshot nice things that come through in a… As a… Like, we’re human beings we we crave someone being nice. And when you go out on social media, you just set yourself up for vulnerability, and you’ve got people who say, the dumbest things like Alison your eyebrows are crooked.. you don’t think I know my eyebrows are crooked? or whatever it is, right?

They do get you up and there are some… As I don’t go to a happy spot.

And I think that’s the whole ecosystem of running a business is you’ve got to be able to have that place where you can pull yourself back up and keep moving forward, when all those trolls, and maybe it’s not even online trolls, but even the trolls in your head that are saying self-doubting or wondering if you’re going in the right direction or anything like that. You’ve got to have a place to come back to as a reminder that you really are going in the right path. And so now, it happens with everybody, the newbies all the way up to Jennifer Lopez who doubts her albums before she releases it, which I’m like Jennifer Lopez has an impostor syndrome.


It’s just a human feeling to feel that, and so once we recognize it and then can pick ourselves up out of that we can just move forward so much faster.

I love that, I’m gonna actually do that because that’s a blessing that comes from putting out good things as you always will get the great feedback, and I’m always blown away by the people who take the time to just send a thoughtful thankful email, because they don’t need to do that, they can just sit there and absorb the good. And I’m always so astounded by the people who will sit down and write a link, the email, not just like a paragraph or a quick sentence, even though those are amazing to… So I’m gonna do that, I’m gonna create a nice folder, because it’s a sin, how powerful the darkness can be and telling you what are you even trying to do even though we have this evidence of other great things we’ve done that it’s worth it and it’s good, it’s so dumb, how easily pull down… We are, so I think that’s great. I mean, are we go? We can, in the podcast right there, there’s… Or had a tip of the day that is a right. We do a as a mom of children whenever they write us love notes, we keep them… We treasure them, right? Or our husband, if he or when he writes Love Notes we treasure them. And then when… we’re having a bad day, we go back to them like the same thing in business, we, we just need it to lift ourselves up. And I’ve also a screen shot at a couple of the mean ones, and I put them in a folder, so if they ever run for president one day, just kidding… And oh my gosh, I love this.

You got dirt you guys don’t think you… Can I, in an the thing, okay, so let’s… Give me a little bit of background and back story because I’m talking about how great you are, and you get this great feedback and this is not gonna feed back and people might be like For what, what have you done Alison?

So first of all, because I do plan to air this on marvelous moms and on the Kirsten Tyrrel odcast. I wanna hear about your family life, ’cause I think it’s important to know that you’ve got a lot going on at home, it’s not just that you’ve had this freedom and flexibility to build a massive business. What’s home life like?

Alright, so do you want me to start in the beginning of this journey? Yeah, let’s do it all the way to… So I did what I was told in high school, about how to be financially independent and that was to go to college, and so I went to college, got my degree super excited about it. I got my first job as a junior high school teacher to find out a month later that I qualified for food stamps, and I am like, What, I can’t even qualify to pay for my own food.

How am I supposed to pay for a car that works, ’cause I was driving the worst car ever that I swear it was like, Oh, you have use or feet to run with it.

Yes, thank you.

And then we were renting my husband’s grandma’s house. And I’m like How do people even afford a house? I mean, I apparently can’t even pay for my own food, at this point, and so I, I just… We were living off any… Is at that point and are like… We had a new baby and I just started reading free books from the library and magazines going out how people could actually make a living and this whole online thing started, was just starting to be which tells you that my age it was just starting to brew, right? and not a lot of people knew about it, yet. And I’m like k… I gotta do something online, I gotta figure something out and it took me a little while for things to click. And so when… By the time I had four babies I started a blog with some friends and the blog was doing fine, but it wasn’t generating money and we needed it to generate generate money so I decided to launch an e-commerce store and I had done a ton of research on how to generate money from online. I found e-commerce selling products online is the best way and the fastest way to bring in money, but everything that I read said, you had to have money, you had to have money by inventory you have to have a lot of inventory. Well, going back to the story, we had four babies at this time, right?

I’m at the stage of where I’m trying to let my kids wear their diapers, just a little bit longer, so I don’t out and buy a new pack of diapers and we’re buying the generic Cheerios and I’m trying to figure out how to get creative and serving Cheerios for dinner. Once again, right now we weren’t starving. It wasn’t like poverty at that point it was just we were one dishwasher breakage away from going into debt.

And I hated that feeling, I…

I just felt like the chains were just wrapped around and I couldn’t move, and so what I did is I looked around, in my makeshift office that I had and I found a role of vinyl lettering. Do you know what that is?

Those of you guys that don’t… It’s like this sheet of black sticky paper.

Yeah, a plastic and you can cut it out and you put it on a wall.

Well, I didn’t even have a cutter and so I decided to take this role of vinyl that was actually headed to the trash can and I cut it up into strips and I sold this vinyl with a vision of what you could do with this final lettering, put it up online. And I sold out and I was like, “Oh my gosh, this is magical. And I made like 2- or 300, I’m dancing around with a baby on the hip another baby that’s holding on to my leg.

This is so great. And I was so excited ’cause I had tapped into this magical mythical world of online sales, right?

Yeah, and then I can be…

I sold out, I don’t have anything else to sell and so… And like the fear comes over me and so the next morning or that night, I’m like, “What am I gonna sell what am I gonna sell? So, I’m rummaging through my old craft supplies, and I find some gable boxes from one of my child’s old birthday, parties, and I decided I’m like, “Okay I’m gonna sell these.”

They were new I hadn’t used them they were just left over. Put ’em up online. I didn’t sell them, dang it.

Okay, that’s okay, we’re gonna do it or… So the third day I tried to begin, I don’t remember what the product was, I didn’t sell and so I came home that night, ’cause we were up camping while I’m doing. I’m driving to the nearest hotel that you can find a WiFi at 5 o’clock in the morning before my kids wake up, right, we get all from camping. And that night, I was like, Okay, I’m just not cut out for this.

I was one-hit wonder, I got lucky, I made 2-300. I should be happy about that. Maybe I need to go back to teaching.

But then they pay pennies, so they wouldn’t even pay for daycare. So my mind was just all over the place, right? And I get this inspiration from God.

And that was very clear and very…

It was like a swift kick in the butt, and it was like Alison. You can’t stop no, don’t stop, keep going, keep going. And so I gradually I woke up the next morning at 5 AM to post my product at 7 AM, before my kids got up at 7-30, this was all planned around my child scheduled.

and the fourth day we ended up selling out and so at that point, I realized that the entrepreneur journey was a roller coaster and I had to decide at that moment. Am I in the roller coaster ride sitting in the front seat or am I just gonna be on the sidelines? And I decided at that point to get in the roller coaster, and hold on because it’s gonna be a ride. Within the first year, we built, we end up selling over a million dollars. And then, by year two, we were multi-million and then we continued to grow after that. And so when people come up like Alison I wanna start an online business, but I don’t have any money to sell any products, I’m like, Okay, what’s your problem?

And the point is what? I don’t hear the problem in this whole equation. And it caused me to learn how to make money without money so then when I had money, I knew how to make money, right? Is the process of being resourceful to be able to increase the money that’s coming in.

So, it’s crappy, you got so scrappy literally scraps of vinyl lettering that you sold. It doesn’t get more scrappy than that.

Actually, you wanna hear another scrappy story I do, of course.

Okay, so no product, right? I go behind my ID and I find as long stick of wood and I cut it up into blocks of wood and I been placed I’m wiping off the cobwebs from this block.

And and I’m taking pictures on a broken down garbage truck because I don’t have a fancy backdrop, right? And so, I find this garbage truck that’s sitting in the shade and I take pictures, my neighbor comes over, he’s like, “Alison what are you doing?

And I said, I’m selling blocks of wood. And he looked at me and he said, Alison, you’re selling trash>

And I was like What… So he saw trash And I saw the vision of it, yeah, of taking as little blocks of wood and putting pictures on and modpodge wrapping them up and giving them to grandma, for Mother’s Day. And how did I get that inspiration?

Pinterest, right? And so, I wasn’t diving down deep into the creative-ness of Alison Prince

Oh, we got Pinterest. That will give you all the answers, right? And so, anyways, yeah, talk about a business that started from the ground. Oh my gosh, literally, I love it so much. Oh my gosh, there’s so many different things in there, that I wanna dissect, and evaluate and everything like that, but I’m seeing now too. I know your story, and I’ve heard some of this, but to hear it like in more of a linear form makes me realize why I’m drawn to you and it’s because our journey, my journey started very similar, even though I had no idea that you were and I didn’t know your story. It’s really fascinating to me.

We started selling products from practically nothing too and we were so enthralled we made our first $1,000 and we’re like, this actually works, oh my goodness, and it’s amazing. We build businesses with almost nothing and then we’re at that phase now in the growth phase of our business, with the marvelous moms club Brand and everything, we’re like now we have money, and we know how to turn that into more and it’s just so exciting. It’s like a game. It really is. I get to move to the next challenge level and I’m kind of in the phase where when you said that and you compared it to a roller coaster right? I’m like, I feel like right now I, I’ve been really comfortable being a bystander, a little bit. It’s fun to watch, but I’ve never been one to pull away from a roller coaster. I hate missing out on fun. And so I think it’s such a good comparison ’cause I’m like “Oh you’re right, I gotta get in the roller coaster, front seat and be willing to scream and go all the way through. And there are so many people who just won’t be willing to do that and that’s kind of the example of people who make great things happen versus those who don’t. Is the willingness to be super uncomfortable and scrappy and push through when there doesn’t seem to be and answer to how to make it happen, right? Yeah, and on a rollercoaster ride. What are you doing you’re screaming you are more than welcome to scream on this entrepreneur journey right? We scream with excitement preferably and not with vulgarity, but we’re on a ride and let the emotions come and it really is a game, it really is a numbers game and is so full of emotion. But when you’re out there, you’re testing your products. Not all of my products sold, right? I’m just out there basically taking a test at work.

Yeah, it did, did it work.

No, it didn’t. Let’s try it again. Let’s try it again, let’s try it again.

Yeah, and so it was just that continual consistency of testing and trying and testing and trying that, got to meet where I am today.

Well, and you’ve tested so many things and I wanna talk about that too, and this is another thing that I feel really similar to you and you’re like my soul sister. You had your hand in a lot of honey pots you were running like eight different businesses at the same time. What kind of helped you to redirect? ’cause you’ve really come a long way since I had an awareness of where you were really heavy into how does she and all of that, and I don’t know how that plays into the story about when that was, but you’ve done… That’s been insanely successful. There’s not many people I know who haven’t heard of How does she… And it feels like, I heard somebody say Everything she touches turns to gold… And if that were me like… That’s the reputation I want, not because I wanna be greedy, but something, there’s something to that. So anyway, kind of give us a little background on how you were able to narrow in and how it really helped you to kind of find that elusive life balance, which I know is not. It doesn’t mean life’s perfect, but there’s a lot of loaded stuff in that question. Hopefully, you know where I’m going with this.

Yeah, so what happens when I start a business, is we have, I call it, glitter syndrome Who and we start a business and we’re like, “Oh well, look at that shiny object, or “Oh look at that business idea over there, and we can get so… our hands in so many buckets at one time that we don’t even know where we’re standing, right?

And so, my thing is, when you start a business, go all in, turn everything off. And yes, at one point, I did have eight businesses but it wasn’t that I started them all at the same time. So, with how does she… I threw myself in there. 100%In the beginning and I didn’t do anything else. And then you build processes and you automate it, and that’s the key. Once you can start automating things. We have a blog manager who’s still with us today and is an absolute blessing rock star.

And then with the pick your Plum site I threw everything that I had into there.

Yes, I was still checking up on how does she and still doing what it needed to be done to help grow that business, but I was able to give everything to pick your plum because I didn’t need to give as much to how does she anymore. And I got that up and going. I process as an automation. And then when that happened, then I build another business and then another business and I did so as you right there because that is…

Let’s have a therapy session for Kirsten Tyrrel for a minute here. Because I wanna ask you, was there ever a layer of guilt with that that you felt like you were cheating the system in having the automation set up? Because for me, I finally got to that point where it’s like bliss it’s like, “Oh my gosh, this can totally happen on auto pilot. I’ve put all this effort and I’ve built this massive thing but it’s like almost a little bit hard to step away and not that I don’t trust that it’s gonna be fine, maybe a little bit. It’s like a fear that it’ll go away if I’m not personally hand holding it. But do you remember having those feelings of fear of walking away in stepping into another zone, or was the excitement over the new thing enough to trump that fear of walking away?

Can I say equal and then depended on the moment.

Oh, you’re totally… You’re totally normal.

It’s like businesses are like a baby, making the baby, the fun part is making the baby right that’s the dream, that’s the excitement. And then you give birth to this baby, which is your business actually launching and then you’ve got postpartum depression after you launch the business. Because it doesn’t sell, or doesn’t do as much as I wanted to do. Right, and then you’re like, “Oh maybe I start business or maybe I should have another baby. We got all these ideas, like in our head. And that’s totally 100% normal.

And to be able to come at that is you set up these systems and then you check in and you have key people like my team…

Oh my goodness, I could not and would not want to run my businesses, without my teams in place. Yeah, so for instance, this business that I have now, I started it’s called The Because I can clan which I love it, I in a… So I had no clue, I…

I’ll tell you what God was like. Alison just do one step at a time because I’m an introvert and I hid behind my computer selling products online for eight years.

And so when I started to get out there in the public eye, I was like, “I can’t do this no way I haven’t put on my makeup for a week, I think I’m wearing yesterday’s clothes still right, and I do take showers but I just would recycle my clothes and shake them out really well, right, and if anyone’s judging me right now, don’t ’cause I guarantee you’ve done it.

I don’t think anybody on this platform is judging you at all. They’re all like… Yes, my soul sister you know what, I actually… I remember seeing you at the click funnels’ thing, this is the… That was a short conversation but I got so much out of it. That’s what I was referring to, and I remember you were just starting, you were like… I know it’s time to step in to being just Alison like I know… And I don’t wanna do it. It’s so uncomfortable and it’s so scary, but I know that’s what I’m supposed to do next, and I just remember being like, Wow, it’s still scary, even for her with all that she’s built. I had never really… And then a couple of years later, I was in that same situation and it is, it’s very difficult to not just hide behind ’cause you can make a lot of money without anybody even knowing your name. That’s the crazy thing about the internet, right?

But yes, now we now we’re like jumping all over the place. Now you’re in the… Because I can clan and you’re talking about your team.

Yes, yes, yes, yes and that’s okay. So let me go back to the fear.

Well, no, alright, let me go back to the team. So when I start because I can plan… I brought in a… Her name is Julie and I just… Oh, she is amazing, and I’m like, “Hey I wanna start something and you’ve done some projects for me before and I maybe wanna move you into this project, but I have no clue what I’m doing. Can you just come on and sit in this class that I’m teaching, and she’s like, Sure what do you gonna do? I’m like… And nothing just listen.

Okay, and then the next I said, Okay I’m gonna be teaching this again, can you help me answer some of the questions? She’s like, absolutely. And anyway, so we started building over and over and over again, and now she is my executive assistant, and I wouldn’t wanna run this business without her actually right before you heard the conversation I was Voxing her and she was helping me set up this podcast and she’s like What would you do without me Alison and I was boxing her back. I’m like, “I don’t know what I would do without you, I wouldn’t be on the Podcast that’s for sure, right?

You bring in the people that support you. So I know my vision, I know where I’m supposed to go, I’m confident that I can help other people sell products online, but where I’m lacking I bring in people. So Julie comes in the very beginning. I’m like, I need help answering these questions on customer service so I can focus on teaching and educating and moving people forward. She’s like, Okay, got it, and then  next thing, okay. I need people or I need someone to help them log in to their system so I’m not having to say, “Oh this is where you log in or how you reset your password and then you bring people on to support you so that you can stay focused on your vision.

And this happens to… This was the fear thing that I was talking about. So just a couple weeks ago, I threw my first event. Plan con live is what it’s called.

I’ll tell you what, I can’t even plan a birthday party.

And so I plan an event with 300 people, and I was blessed with severe stage fright to the point where people think that there’s an earthquake happening.

But I know, I know, I know my vision, I know what I’m supposed to be doing, but Satan is so good at like, pulling in his army and trying to take me down.

So, today, before my first event ever, or I’m driving home from work and I had to pull over and I just couldn’t stop crying and I sat in my car for a second, and compose myself and then I got home and my husband was like, are you okay, and I’m like, I’m actually really struggling right now, and he said Come let me hold you. And so he held me for a little bit and he’s like Alison you know what this is and I’m like, You’re right, I do every time you are like I… Or anybody I know is about to do a new business launch a new product, create happiness in other people teach people improve the world. Satan’s army comes out in full force on you and he’s gonna throw everything he can at you, he knows that he can’t tempt me, with becoming alcoholic. That just doesn’t tempt me, right. So what is he gonna get me, what is his tool for me? And a lot of the people that I deal with, it’s self-doubt, self-confidence. It’s in adequacy it’s the impostor syndrome, those are the tools that he uses to help or to try and get me to stop from moving forward and changing lives.

I have people that I teach who they make a lot of money their husbands can quit, they’re changing their lives are becoming happy, they’re finding confidence, and something they never thought they could do.

He hates me, and so he goes all out on me. And so, at the event, my husband knew the fear and I was about to get on stage, and he just held me and I said, Jared. Oh my voice might crack. I need you to hold my fear for me.

I am not strong enough right now and I need to be on that stage, so I can step into my A game and be who the Lord needs me to be at this moment.

Can you just hold my fear?

And this is two weeks ago, I have been doing e-commerce built multiple multi-million dollar businesses in and I know that this happens I absolutely know this happens, and so we’ve built up a system to be able to protect me so that I can truly be who I am supposed to be to be able to serve people the best I can. And so, my husband held that fear and I got up on there. And I’ll tell you what, I stepped into the Alison that I was supposed to be, and it was the most amazing feeling and this isn’t a brag thing, this is all about how you’re not serving Satan by listening to that fear you are serving God by walking into who He needs you to be to help people become the best they possibly can be. And he did that to me that day and it was actually a very, very spiritual moment for me. And I know, I don’t know if this is, I know we’re talking about business, but to me business and God, I’ve made God my business partner… And he helps me to be the best that I possibly can be and so it just goes hand-in-hand.

Well, I’m over here Physically shaking because it’s almost like it’s a combination of a little bit. I don’t wanna say it’s PTSD, but it’s like when you just know something at the core of your being, is true, and I don’t often find people I resonate with it the level I’m resonating with what you’re saying right now and I’ve been there, I’m like, feeling I think I’m feeling the fear that you felt, when you know you’re under attack and that is real, and that is it’s actually really comforting to me, to know, to hear somebody else explain it from their perspective and to kind of make sense of it too. I’ve been aware of it and I know what’s happening, but then I also think like, Oh maybe I’m not that big of a threat, maybe I’m being silly that I have this mission to perform, but I believe that 100%, and I’m so glad that you brought the spiritual element into it because I… 100%… This is never gonna be a platform where we don’t talk about faith and God because I literally have said this to my husband, after hiring a couple of people who just weren’t a great fit and I feel like I put a lot of money and energy into that helping my business. I finally was like, “what am I doing? God is free and God is the best business partner ever and I’m aligning with him from now on. And everything changed in such a drastic way, when I started doing that. And this call is kind of like that reminder of re-aligning with that and keeping it centered and it doesn’t have to be a separation it definitely goes hand-in-hand. So my gosh, I want to talk to you for four more hours. Minimum. You are a treasure trove of inspiration and knowledge and so, I wanna keep sharing a little bit, I guess, of the evolution of the… Because I can clan and what you’re doing now because you sold pick your plum. And I wanna talk about too especially ’cause this is gonna go on marvelous moms, how you’ve incorporated family. This is a step we are coming into… I feel like I’m just a few years behind your journey, but I’m following a lot of the same thresholds of learning that you’ve gone through. And so, we have still young children, they’re 9, 7 and 5, but I’m super excited to kind of incorporate their passion into our business. So, what has that evolution look like for you guys?

That was honestly my best business decision that I have ever done. Well, besides making God my business partner when my daughters were 10 and 13, they were tweenagers. And what do tweenagers do, they discovered that sleeping in as a cool thing to do, right?

So anyway, my husband, I, what are we gonna do with our daughters to teach them responsibility? And so, we gave them three choices, we said, “Number one, you can move out of the house number two, you can have more chores. Or number three, you can start a business. And of course, I mean we help direct. We helped to direct that question so they would choose the business one, right?

And so they were like, Yeah we wanna start a business.

Okay, I’ll just sum this up. Long story short. They did the same processes, I have done with all of my businesses and within nine months, they sold over $100,000. now, I have a lot of people come up and say, Well Alison, it’s because you’re their mom… You totally helped them. I promise you. I was already running two multi-million dollar businesses. I did not, so I to, to help them with their business, they had to do, I gave them the outline, I gave them the steps to follow and they had to do it and their follow-up was a customer saying “Hey where is my order or Hey, where is this… Or Hey, where is that?

And I, so I, push them to move forward.

And then another thing that we did in that time is we said, k, now you have your own business, you need to start paying for your own stuff.

We’ll take care of, We’ll pay the house payment like rent and we’ll pay for your food, and your school stuff, but all your clothes all your shoes, your movies with your friends, all that kind of stuff, you need to start paying for that.

And at first, they were like, what? and our daughters are very, very kind, but they were little frustrated with it and they were like, my mom, dad. No, none of our friends’ parents make them pay for anything. And I was like… Now I know we’re on the right path, right?

Step out, do something different from what other people are doing, and just to be able to see them value money now, they know going to get an $8 hour job like some of their friends are doing, they’re like, well we don’t wanna do that, we know how to make money.

See Also

Why would I go work for eight bucks an hour, you know what I mean? And so they know they are understanding the process of money more. And then I’ve got two little guys, they’re 10 and 11. so, probably in… I think 12 to 13 is actually the best time to start them from what I’ve found. So in a couple of years, we’re gonna start their business. They ask every day mom, is it business day today, and I’m like, no buddy, you gotta learn how to tie your shoes first, dude, be able to clean up your own bathroom, before where you could start your own business. It’s just an essential starting point, right?

That’s really good to know. I think it’s good for me to hear that age range too, because my kids have seen us step into an entrepreneurial role. My oldest has literally seen us go from living in a two-bedroom apartment, where dad goes to a job and Mom does like, photography here and there to us have being a full-time family that we’re both home all the time, and they know we have security but I’ve been trying to figure out, ’cause they just want… They were like… We wanna be a part of the family business when we did e-commerce as well, they were very much a part of it, they helped us package and ship things and everything like that. But I feel this pull to help them start now and I think there’s probably some starting step. So would you recommend to parents, especially entrepreneur parents whose kids have a desire, what are some things that they could do at an even younger age to prepare them for that?

And also, I’m curious about this too, I think I can answer this in that they’ve earned their own money and they’re kind of paying their own way but when you become a family that has multi-million dollar businesses and you have this financial security, what was the incentive to them to even want to start their own business, at that young age? I know you guys kinda gave them an ultimatum, but that… Did you kinda come up with that because you didn’t want them to come by anything and not appreciate what you guys had, as a family, or did you have other…

I’m sorry, I’m talking in circles. Do you know what I’m saying though? How do you avoid that pitfall. Of kids just feeling entitled and also nurturing their curiosity to be a part of something bigger?

Okay, so the first question is, how do you at a younger age, get them that curiosity going is exactly what you’re doing, you’re letting them help you, and you start paying them, and so they are associating work with money and then they’re wanting that new Nintendo game, okay, bud, it takes money, it takes money to buy those products, and so I’m gonna give you the ability to be able to get what you want. You just have to work for it. Yeah, and so they’re learning that work equals they get what they want, right?

And starting out to pay a, I don’t know, a seven-year-old $10, 15 an hour. It’d be too much for them. And so what we do is we just started him out with a couple of dollars an hour, which I might get some slack on that, so I, then I… I know it’s best for my kids, right?

Yeah, I don’t know. They can manage a dollar, or 2 or we take them to target where they can buy a 3 shirt and they’re learning the value of that dollar versus I got 15. I’m just gonna go to Amazon, buy Legos all day. Right, right, they are learning the value of it step by step at a time and I think that’s what helps with the entitlement. So instead of them wanting that Nintendo set or that new iPhone, or that whatever they have to work to get it and then when we’re at the store, they’re like Mom, can I have this? I’m like, Absolutely, you just have to pay for it and they’re like…

Oh… right? and we tell them all the time, the money, that mom and dad have made is not yours.

You have the skills to go make yours but it’s not… You have to go out and earn it, and so they’re not, I don’t know… We’re maybe stickler about this, but they have to learn how to work to get what they want.

Well, I think that’s really important and that’s what we’ve been trying to figure out the flow and our family of… Even if you have to have an assigned set of things that they can earn money doing right, like making your bed, is it gonna earn you? Maybe for some people, it’s not gonna earn you an allowance here, if there’s basics you have to do, but I think I’m definitely the phase. have to have the other day, my son I said, I’ll give you a dollar to clean the patio. He’s like a dollar. I don’t need money and I was like, uh-oh we’re doing something wrong. He doesn’t think he needs money, because he thinks he’s gonna get everything he wants. And so that was like a huge indicator. It’s time to create a job for you even if it’s not your own big full-fledged business. It’s a really good stepping stone. So I guess I’m on the right track and I just wanted to over-complicate it and so thank you. It’s not that it’s not that difficult. You just teach them the value of work.

Yeah, and I do of my kids, two of them are like… Yeah, I don’t really need money, I don’t care, I’m comfortable where I’m at. And the other two are like, “We want this, we want this, we want this, we want this.” And so each kid has its own personality, and we’re not gonna pressure the ones that aren’t quite interested in it too hard, eventually they will be right, but as parents, we have to know when it’s right for our children, they still might be at the Sesame Street level versus the new kids on the block level. I know right?

And we have to know that as parents, so that we can… Do we give them sappy cups at this point, or do we give them the new kids on the block t shirt this point for their reward? And no matter what age they are, right, every child is so different, and that’s why we’re blessed with knowing what to do for each child. Yeah, I love that. Or keeping our fingers crossed, we made the right choice.

Nobody actually knows that we’re doing this right, but we just have to hope. It’s like the longest we’ve ever hoping that we win in 50 years, it’s kind of stressful. but now all the people to guess on that child, you’re gonna have the best guests for that child.

There was a reason why they’re born into your family.

Yeah, so we just do our best every single day, and if we screw up… Oh, okay, let me tell you this one story so I sat all my kids down on couch all four of them I said, I just need to know I just need you guys to know that I’m gonna completely screw you up because I’ve never been a mom before I… But I can promise you, I will always love you on.

So know you’re gonna go on to this world and you’re just gonna be… You’re not gonna be like everybody else, you’re screwed up but know that I love you. And they were like, Oh Mom, you’re the best. And so, that help them to know that they don’t have to go out and be perfect. And because I’m not perfect, and I’m doing the best that I can and it comes down at the end of the day is How can I love my children the best and just move forward with that anyway, they talk about the…

I love it, it’s like getting ahead of it too everybody’s afraid they’re gonna screw their kids up. You might as well just call it out like it is, and say, “I’m just gonna… A year therapy down the road I have, I’ve changed. I’ve made your life different. Because… We just started taking a part of their… You know how you have 10% to the church and 10% to save whatever it is, I… We should be 10% if you do therapy and for this is when you turn 40 and you realize everything growing in your life is my fault. Here’s your therapy money.

It’s so funny, I love it, I love it. that like it is and it’s so funny how much we stress ourselves out, trying to get it all perfect, when there’s no possible way. And we just have to do our best,

Really, it gives my children permission to go out there, do their best but they know they don’t have to be perfect, they know that they don’t have to a 100% on every single test, right? As long as they’re doing their best, even the… Make the occasional stupid decision they’re like, It’s okay. And we just create this environment of just talk to us. Let’s work this out just by being open, real and honest about…

I love it.

Okay, so before I proceed for the next section, I have on your intake form, you have an affiliate program for your courses or program. So what is that exactly? So we can talk about it on, and if there’s a chance for me to sign up for that or whatever, we can put in the show notes, what’s that look like?

Yes I created the zero to 100k system, and it is exactly that it is the process that I took with my daughters, to get them from zero to $100,000, and it actually… And my sister as soon as my girls earned their money my sister was like, I wanna do it, and so she ended up making $129,000, then I had some friends come in and said, Alison, what are you doing? And I was talking to a medical show, and they were selling 80 a craft show, and I’m like Yeah, not even paying your booth friend at that point or at… And we got them up online, we set them up and they ended up doing $35,000 in three weeks. And so what the system does, is number one, it shows you how to find products that are selling so so many people think you have to have the Shark Tank idea that you have to be brilliant and creative. And the girls, they sold scarves.

How many billions of scarves have been sold in? You can’t even go that high, right? They just found that these Infinity scars are trending and they jumped on the band wagon and now they have enough money to pay for college in full.

The next thing is, people think you have to have a ton of time to do it. You can automate these processes. So instead of having to have a store front with all these workers you’ve got a website. My girls, they worked three to four hours a week because they were in school and they were at church activities and they were just being kids and they were able to make this happen. You set up your systems you set up your automation and you let your website, you let other things work for you to help you to grow your business. And then the last one is a lot of people are all Alison they probably just advertised on pick your Plum. Or how does she… And I’m here to tell you. They did not sell that first $100,00 with the… And the key to that is is you use influencers. So they’re little squirts that are just trying to figure out, well, they know how to figure out a phone. But I didn’t want them on social media, at that age, it was not, I just didn’t want them there. And so I show them how to leverage what they don’t have, and so they would go out, reach out to influencers who did have a following, and work with those influencers and the influencers would direct traffic to their site, and sell the products for them and they were able to write checks out for $10,000 to a specific influencer and I… They literally had no clue how much money that was, we had to compare it to baby-sitting hours ’cause they just did not understand how much money that was.

And so, anyway, that was basically… Those are the secrets on how you can start an e-commerce business to make it successful. So that’s what I teach in the zero to 100k system, we call ourselves clanners because we are part of… Because I can clan why because we can… We can… We have the ability, we have phones, we have computers. If you’re listening to this podcast now, you can do this, right? Yeah, when you step into the belief of… I can change my financial future because I want to I can change. We have a whole manifesto that you step into, as you become a clanner that you take on, as you walk into this role of empowerment. And success and knowing that there is a way to do it and it’s actually built more of a community versus a course so you don’t walk in there and you don’t have to feel alone.

There is a community that supports you, you can ask questions. I’m on Facebook live until I lose my voice every Friday answering everybody’s questions.

And we’ve got a what we call super clanners coming in to support. So no question gets unanswered.

We’ve got to a system, email system set in place. Because, I built something that I wish I would have had when I first got started, it would have saved me years of frustrating moments or so much money because I actually give out all my vendor and manufacturer contacts in there too, just to help people get to the success faster. I created what I wish I would’ve had.

Okay, so everybody go to get this. We will link to everything in the show notes. A marvelous moms club. Well, you guys… But if you wanna go check that out, what’s the fastest way for them to jump over there?

So the master class that I teach is

That’s where you get right into the master class. Learn more about it, but on if you wanna find all my other stuff. It’s under alisonjprince I put the J in there ’cause there’s other Alison princes out there and for SEO purposes Ibput the J in there. So alisonjprince.

oh my gosh, k, guys, we will link to everything go check that out on the marvelous moms notes or on the Kirsten Tyrrel notes, and you guys, if your cup is not overflowing right now from inspiration.

The idea is what I love about this and is it revs me up and I know it’s raving people up and it’s… People need to continuously be given permission. And what I really wanna re-focus on as we finish this out is kind of where we started bringing it full circle.

You almost quit in three days because it wasn’t working, you were three days like you were that close to it. Turning into multi-million dollar businesses, not just a business. And so guys really think about that as you’re listening is how close are you to something huge, even if it’s not financial, but it’s like a goal that you’ve had. Are you quitting too soon? And are you not seeing it through because you literally have all the control stop giving your power away stop thinking you’re not capable, because you are and Alison is a perfect illustration of what you can do if you give yourself a little bit longer to make those things happen. So

yes, don’t stop, and you’ll keep telling yourself you’ll be a week in to your business be like I quit And then a month into it. I quit and a year into it I quit. You will always be saying I wanna quit.

You’re entire process. Those are your thoughts that Satan trying to scare you, so learn how to kick those thoughts out of your head and math for… I love it so much, guys, come back to this episode any time you need to pick me up because I think it’s got all of the things that all the components you need to get out of the rut.

Thank you so much, Alison, for sharing your heart and your mind with us, it’s been so wonderful to have you here, and I just, I hope everybody goes and follows you on social media, ’cause you’re kind of that bright spot people need in their day, and I appreciate you so much.

Alright guys, thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you on the next episode Have a great day, thank you so much for listening to this episode. If you wanna take action right now, you’re feeling inspired and you’re filling enlightened, and you really wanna own this role as a marvelous mom.

Go to the website, and create your own personal marvelous mom’s manifesto that is a tongue twister.

Marvel is mom’s club dot com. You go fill in some great information and in the end, you’ll have a beautiful manifesto to display where only you can see… Or the whole family can see where you can really, really own your role as a marvelous mom and step inside those goals and those ambitions and dreams that you have to become an even more marvelous mom to your beautiful family.

So again, marvelous moms club dot com me, we will see you over there..

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