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EP 203: Making LISTS for Success!

EP 203: Making LISTS for Success!

I’m not a list making mom- I’m not a “planner person”, and I lack a lot of the organizational skills that other women have to help them not go insane. At least that was the “old me”. Now I am evolved and realizing how something as dreadful as making a to-do list or having structure can actually help me accomplish FAR more in my life! Today’s Five Minute Friday should help you to see more clearly what needs to be done and how to get to it!

If you can’t keep track of lists- I talk about some of the best tools I use online to help me stay organized- like¬† TRELLO! It’s an amazing FREE resource to help you stay on top of everything as a mom!

So whether you fit into the camp of “anti-lists” or are all about the organization- drop me a comment on Instagram and let me know how you keep your life together!


How to organize your life with lists

Hey guys, welcome to Five-Minute Friday.¬† Thanks so much for listening to today’s episode, I hope that it’s gonna rev you up and get you ready for a wonderful weekend, and if you’re not listening to this on a Friday, aren’t you such a rebel? I mean, a girl after my own heart. If you’re just tuning into this because you need a quick little pick-me-up any day of the week, thank you for tuning in. If you wanna share the love, go share this episode on Instagram, a screen shot and let me know you’re listening to it because I like… I record these a little bit in advance and I like to know when these words are reaching you, where you’re at, how it’s helping you, all the fun things.

So let’s jump into a Five-Minute Friday and talk today about consistency and simplicity and how much we are making things complicated for ourselves. Today, in fact, I had a really productive morning. It’s 11:00 AM on a Thursday. Oh hey, don’t even record these on a Friday. There you go, a little known fact or maybe you don’t even care. And I’ve spent three hours building content for social media, building content for everything in my brand and it all started with making a list of all the ideas, of all the things. And I wanna tell you guys about how much sometimes the complicated things can actually lead to the most simplicity, the things that we assign in our brains.

Okay, full disclosure. I’m not a list-maker, I’m not a planner-person, I’m not an organized person, I’m kind of a fly by the seat of my pants and do it whenever I can do it kind of a person. And so it’s been super outside of my comfort zone, to make list, to plan ahead of time, but for Marvelous Moms Club to have grown and to become what it’s becoming, it’s been essential for me to step back, that’s why we’ve built a team of people who are helping us to make this an amazing endeavor. And so, rewinding a little bit, what I had to do today is I sat down and I was telling my husband, I hate content creation days, because I get so stressed out, and I get overwhelmed and I think, “How am I gonna do it in this order? I wanna do this kind of video and this, but this needs to happen first.” And he was like, “Just make a map for yourself, make a list of everything that needs to be done or that you want to do. Figure out what you can do today and just, if nothing else, if all you do today is plan out your content, you’ll be golden.”


You guys, I sat on my computer for maybe 20 minutes, and I started a little chart on Trello. If you guys are not using Trello, what are you even doing with your life? If you run a business, if you don’t run a business, if you wanna keep life organized, it’s one of my favorite tools, it’s got an app, it’s free, go check it out, I’ll link to it in the show notes. But in Trello I just… I love using it for brain dump. It’s kind of like an online sticky note situation and I go on there, and I make a whole long list for Instagram, for Facebook, for live video for IDTV, for podcast episodes, for a blog posts, and I have something for each one of these things and the kind of content I wanna create, and within those cards, I make check lists. And I make check lists that are in different areas like inspiration, education, humor, family fun, travel; all these different topics of things that I wanna talk about here in this space and I allocate all the content. Guys, you know how empowering that was to realize I do have things to say, I do have things that I wanna show my community, I am not a boring person, I have a lot to share.

And then I was immediately able to, for two hours, go in and jump in and create content. Videos, photos, so many fun things that are just helping me to move my business forward, and helping me to show up and feel productive. So even though it may feel complicated, cumbersome, annoying to make those lists, it’s super important in order to make the fun happen, in order to make success happen. And even just as a mom, if you don’t need the to-do list for a business or anything else that you’re growing, creating a to-do list, which I know sometimes maybe some of you guys are obsessed with to-do lists, maybe too much. I’m speaking more to the moms who don’t like them and don’t wanna use them. And I’ve lovingly heard them called ta-da lists, where you kinda write at the end of the day what you did accomplish instead of focusing on what you didn’t accomplish. But regardless, if you take the overwhelm swirling around in your brain, the complication, I’m literally swirling my hands in the air right now, you can make it as simple as can be by figuring out the different areas of your life that you need to accomplish something and giving yourself one thing to do today in that one area and then getting to what you can. It is so much better than at the end of the day, only focusing on how overwhelmed you still feel.

So that’s my Five-Minute Friday for you guys today. Go leave a comment on Instagram. Let me know, let me know what kind of person you are, if you’re a list-maker, if you’re anti-list making, if you have a problem with consistency because you don’t like planning or if you’re somebody who plans and doesn’t actually take action. I love to know kind of where people fall in line with this. So thanks for tuning in, we’ll see you guys on the next episode. Have a marvelous day and a beautiful weekend and we’ll talk to you soon, bye!

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