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EP 206: No Fear, No Excuses with Jocelyn McClellan

EP 206: No Fear, No Excuses with Jocelyn McClellan

Jocelyn McClellan is on the podcast today! She is so awesome you guys. You might know her as “Fit Mission Makeup”, because she’s super into fitness and makeup!

Today we’re talking about how we KNOW that you know that you can do hard things! Deep down, you know it’s true. But what are two of the biggest things that get in your way? Fear and excuses. We’re afraid of failing. We have a never-ending list of excuses for why we “can’t” do something. Both of these things – fear and excuses – are completely self-imposed!

Oh hey, don’t you dare ever say you can’t do something “because I’m a mom.” Not sure exactly what I’m saying? Tune in and you won’t be using that phrase negatively anymore!

Find Jocelyn on her blog or on Instagram, or Facebook!

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