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EP 209: Pick Flowers NOT Fights!

EP 209: Pick Flowers NOT Fights!

This episode is not what you may think it’s about- today I’m talking about how we fall into the comparison trap that can make us absolutely MISERABLE! I’m sharing a perspective shift that can help you to look at others a little differently- and have the help of my friend Lyndy who wrote a beautiful song- Pick Flowers- available today on Spotify!

I love the message of this song- and while it may seem like we’re talking about picking fights with others outwardly- the message I picked up was that we need to respect others and their viewpoints- but stop thinking we need to tear others down in order to make ourselves more important. Daisy wanting to wear a crown -but not being able to get it by putting Dandelion down is a perfect example of how we don’t have to climb on others to become seen.

I share in this episode how important it is to shift that mentality- and realize that just because others have things we don’t- doesn’t make us better or worse. It just makes us DIFFERENT. And I don’t know about you- but last time I checked it’s a variety of different flowers that makes a bouquet beautiful! Share this message with someone who needs it today- and keep the conversation going with us on social media!

You can stream Lyndy’s new song here—>>> PICK FLOWERS NOT FIGHTS

Pick Flowers Not Fights


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