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EP 214: World Travels with JoEllen Woods

EP 214: World Travels with JoEllen Woods

JoEllen is one of the most inspiring humans if you are looking to cut loose and get REALLY far out of your comfort zone! She’s on the podcast today talking about how her family moved from the United States to New Zealand- and how that set off a chain of events that has taken them to 17+ countries!

And now they are in the process of preparing to move to ITALY. You have to tune into this one my friends- it’s SO good! Even if you can’t pick up life and move across the world- it’s inspiring to see how her perspective about other things in life shifted after they moved and embarked on a life of travel and adventure! ⁠

This is how the itch to become a minimalist starts, you realize after traveling and leaving all your things behind- or selling them altogether, that those “things” are not the source of your joy as much as you may have thought! JoEllen’s perspective on what makes her family happy has changed in a big way.  We recorded this episode originally in April but the file was corrupt, so we had to redo it. But what I wanted to share here in the notes was that due to flights getting rescheduled and delayed at times, she was able to get all of their flight costs covered from reimbursed flights or travel credits! If you have the gift of flexibility- travel delays can actually put money back into your pocket!

I am completely ready to pack up and visit JoEllen’s family in Italy next year when they get all moved in! If you’ve been longing for a life of more adventure and haven’t known how to make it a reality- you need to listen in! Also check out some of JoEllen’s best blog posts here on Marvelous Moms Club! I’ve linked them below!

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