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EP 216: The Power of the masterMIND!

EP 216: The Power of the masterMIND!

It’s Five Minute FRIDAY Y’all!

I’m so excited about this one- because I’ve been REVVED up all week talking about it on social media! If you don’t follow me on Instagram- why? Why aren’t we friends? Just kidding- but seriously- click the button below and follow along!

I digress- today I’m actually sharing how we can connect on a different platform- my new Facebook Community called…

Yikes that’s a big ole’ picture of my face isn’t it?

Listen- this group is special for so many reasons- but let me break down for you what it actually is!

First of all- the traditional usage of the word mastermind is a meeting of minds- the ability to gather together various people to break through some thoughts, ideas and see past your own limitations. These can be as large or small as you want- and great bonding and learning can come from them!

The other way I’m approaching this particular mastermind is MASTERY of mind. There are so many thoughts and ideas that can hold us back from real progress- and it helps to learn from people who might be a step or two ahead of us in mastering these concepts. I have really gotten deep into mind work- from meditation to more belief in what is possible for my life.

I have seen the power of masterminding in various situations and I can’t wait to have you join in and grow in knowledge and connection with others!

Click the button below to join!

Have a great weekend marvelous mom!




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