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EP 230: Live Free with Micala Quinn

EP 230: Live Free with Micala Quinn

It’s hard to sum up this episode because Micala Quinn brings us personal stories as well as her business ventures. There’s no shortage of inspiration for you today, that’s for sure! Micala shares her story of losing a child, one that is never easy to share. She also tells us how she was able to start making money from home doing freelancing. This enables her to stay home and spend precious time with her children.

Freelancing is one of those overlooked options that is actually a GREAT fit for the stay at home mom! If you don’t know what I’m talking about- check out Micala’s amazing business. Not only is she a well paid freelancer, she’s helping moms just like you to get paid well for doing work that can fit in at naptime!

Check out this awesome masterclass with Micala and the Live Free community- 

We really hope you enjoy this one! Have a MARVELOUS day!

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